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10 Ways to Live Healthy With Your Children

Capt. Mark Poirier gives medical attention to a baby in Haiti

Creative Commons License photo credit: The U.S. Army

10 Ways to involve your children in their personal health reform…LIVE HEALTHY by education and responsibility.

1.  Make your personal health reform one of your priorities-your kids will follow.

2.  Educate about healthy lifestyles:  no smoking, alcohol in moderation, adequate physical activity, healthy eating,  no drugs.

3.  Prepare your child for visits to the doctor by explaining to them what is going to happen and why.

4.  Involve your child in your household’s meal planning by having them organize a balanced meal.

5.  Take your child to the grocery store  and encourage them to pick out  healthy choices.

6.  Include your child with meal preparation.

7.  Help your child recognize hunger and full cues by having them be hungry at the table and realize when they are full.

9.  Teach your child that their health actions have responsibilities in adulthood.

10.  Answer their questions about health as accurately as possible…and when in doubt ask a health professional.

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2 Responses to 10 Ways to Live Healthy With Your Children

  1. mbrighton February 17, 2010 at 22:56 #

    Merci beaucoup Judy!
    Of course great idea! Soups are wonderful, all year round. We eat soup a couple of times a week…I try to get my kids to help with peeling the veggies, etc…It is just my son who complains about the soup thing. He makes the pizza Friday night-but soup, he won’t help because he doesn’t like soup..any soup he says…He is just being stubborn! Thanks a lot for your comment..
    By the way, a lot of French kids have soup at least 1 night out of 2…I try to tell my son he is “lucky!”

  2. Judith Holterhoff February 16, 2010 at 21:33 #

    Bon Jour Mary,

    Good greetings from the snowy wonderland of Bella Terra! May I suggest something specific to #6 idea – with your children prepare a soup a week. Wonderful fragrance, vitamins, color, flavor, feeds all our senses & warms the kitchen too.
    As Mireille Guiliano (in French Women For All Seasons) writes, “The joy of living is in direct proportion to how much pleasure you know how to derive from every aspect of living.”
    Keep up the spendid work, Mary. You do indeed brighton our health! avec amour, Judy

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