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live healthy with your kids

11 Tips to Live Healthy Together With Your Kids

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Mary Brighton is participating in a four-week dietetic training program until mid February 2013. She hopes to complete the French government’s dietetic requirements and have the right to practice the dietetic profession in France. Wish her luck! Thru the next month she brings you highlights of articles published during the first year of BrightonYourHealth. Happy reading and please feel free to add your opinion in the “Leave a Reply” section below the article.

To ‘Live Healthy‘ with your kids means to work together with our children to be healthy both as a family and as an individual

 11 Tips to Live Healthy with your children


Let’s eat, talk and play together with our kids, spending time together makes it happen together.

Involve them in ways they like to stay healthy and work on their health goals together with yours.

Vital role models are us: the parents and caregivers. Our kids model our behavior, whether good or bad.

Essential in the diet is fruits and vegetables. And we must take the first bites.


Help your kids to recognize their hunger and full cues. Not only is this important for weight and satiety but it helps educate our kids on seeing food as sacred nourishment with the ability to stop when full. 

Exercise is a daily requirement for kids (and adults)! Let’s get out and be physically active with them.

Anticipate our children’s needs for good quality sleep each night.

Limit our children’s screen time and encourage reading books and listening to music.

Teach (each other) to accept and love ourselves. Good mental health is as important as good physical health.

Hanging in fresh air and nature is good ‘medicine’ for children, young and old.

Yes to providing water for kids as the first source of hydration.

As a parent of four kids myself, I know it is challenging to live healthy all the time. We can’t. But we try. Maybe the easiest way to teach our kids to live healthy is to be the best health role model we can be.What are your secrets with your children to live healthy? Would love to hear your comments.

Warmly, Mary

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