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An Easter Candy Scrooge? That’s Me.

These marshmallow peeps are beautiful, but they’ll be absent from my kid’s Easter baskets

Peeps Parade

Easter Candy Scrooge or caring mom? I will let you decide.

If you follow this blog, you know that I write many of these articles from La France.  I am American and my kids are both French and American. We follow cultural traditions from America and France. On holidays such as Easter I incorporate traditions I grew up with. Like the magical Easter bunny who delivers candy into Easter Sunday baskets.

Note: The Easter bunny doesn’t exist in France.  It is the bells, les cloches, that deliver candy to French kids on Easter morning. The same bells that ring in the churches on Easter. I tell my kids that the Easter bunny makes a special effort to come from far away to deliver to them.

Our Easter bunny leaves each of my kids just a few small chocolate eggs and an imitation of itself-a very cute and high quality chocolate bunny. C’est tout.

(This Lindt Easter bunny hops over to our house for our Easter baskets)
Happy Easter to everyone!

Why? Let’s call it frustration survival.

After years of dealing with some of my kids on a major sugar and artificial colors high on Easter, I’ve had a heart to heart with our bunny

One of my kids is very sensitive to E-colors. She is sensitive to other additives in foods too. We have spent Easter holidays with my daughter getting sick from eating too many chocolate eggs and from seeing her behavior change from half-calm to crazy (thankfully temporarily!) from colored jelly beans and candy. Now that she is bigger I have figured it out. A holiday is for the parents too. Our Easter bunny is not allowed to bring any unnatural colors in the baskets. Au natural. Real milk chocolate.

(Gorgeous jellybeans but I have asked our Easter bunny to not bring any of these)


Plus, why do all that cooking if the kids aren’t hungry?

Easter dinner is a big deal. Yummy food, several courses, (I try) to make the extra effort. How frustrating when my kids say,

Sorry Mom, I am just not very hungry.

Frustrating because chez moi, I don’t use the clean plate rule. My kids have to sit at the table and taste the food, but I never force them to finish meals. If they are full, they don’t need to finish their plates.

Grrr….they are full on candy and chocolate.

How can I blame my kids?  If they discover on Easter morning a full basket of candies and chocolates, of course they are going to start eating them and (especially one of my kids-) devouring them in a really short time. This is the attitude of my 6-year-old. How much candy can she eat? How about the entire basket in the morning.

Now I am blabbering….

Clean and simple chocolate does have health benefits

So this is why the Easter bunny is such a Scrooge at our house. Our magical rabbit leaves one small but very good quality Easter bunny and a handful of eggs in each of my kid’s baskets.

Good chocolate has health benefits and it is just small enough to enjoy over the morning or next day.

No funky artificial colors to make my kids act weird.

Not too much sugar to give them that crazy sugar-high that drives me crazy.

And just a small amount of candy to still keep their appetite for Easter dinner.

Everyone seems satisfied?

My kids are happy with their bunny and the bunny parents are happy too.

Easter candy Scrooge? Maybe, but I am not changing anytime soon.

On Easter Monday (a holiday and day off for school and work in France) there is the Easter egg hunt. And so it begins again…a successful Easter egg hunt means a huge bag of chocolate eggs to enjoy over the next week!

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