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BAD Americans vs. GOOD Europeans? NO!!!

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Creative Commons License photo credit: KLMircea

First of all, thanks to all for your support..I feel really motivated to continue!!! So , merci, grazie, thanks, gracias…!!! Just want to make a comment that a good friend pointed out after she read all my first posts and she called herself “one of those bad Americans.”  Bad Americans? Does this mean that all Europeans are GOOD??? Is this the message that I gave you for my initial push on my blog?
No, I am sorry and do apologize if my tone was to transmit that Americans are “bad” and Europeans are “good.”  No, this is not true!!  The truth is this…THE WORLD IS CHANGING!! we know it-and lifestyle related diseases such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes affect everyone in the world..not just Americans. There are major problems/issues with health-related lifestyle in France, England and lots of other countries. So, no- please , no “bad” Americans…there are problems everywhere. I focused on this issue to start my health blog because, well, I am American..and for personal reasons (read my ABOUT page) I would like to slow down the madness of what is happening…that is all…let’s all be positive. We are not BAD and we “gotta” never call ourselves that…!!! You know, Americans are known around the world to be positive! How powerful is that…and I apologize if this image came out-Let’s keep smiling and be HEALTHY 🙂


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