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Mr. President Bill Clinton Thinking of You Today

Bill Clinton - World Economic Forum Annual Meeting Davos 2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: World Economic Forum

Mr. President Bill Clinton,

Thinking of you as you recover from your heart intervention….Hillary is on her way up from Washington DC … I am sure Chelsea is also coming to support you too. 

Must not be with these heart troubles..everyone knows you don’t sleep enough, you eat too many hamburgers, you just overdo it with your diet..but yet, you LOVE life don’t you? You sip and savor every minute of your breathing moments, you enjoy helping people, you grow stronger when the crowds roar…

Former Mr. President, some of us have bad genes that predispose us to health problems, some of us have the “perfect” genetic makeup and yet destroy our health…and you?  Does it matter?  Because what I do admire is that you just ENJOY your life, pulling everything, every minute out of it…go for it!  I don’t think you were blessed with the lucky genes, nor are you helping your situation by a somewhat unhealthy diet…but in the end you love life, you have your family, you are just LIVING! 

Wishing you a fast and speedy recovery Mr. BILL CLINTON!

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