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Most popular articles on brightonyourhealth

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This week begins the fifth year that BrightonYourHealth has published articles on health, wellness and foodie fun. I thank all you so much for your support. I have had the lucky chance over the years to get to know and meet some of you through the blog and BrightonYourHealth Facebook page and look forward to getting to know more of you better.

Incredibly, today I checked the statistics on the blog and there have been over a million pages viewed on the site. I feel touched and think of my dad whose memory lives on through my articles on health and wellness.

I thought it would be fun to revisit the most popular articles written on BrightonYourHealth during the last four years. If you want to read them, click on the highlighted color, take a look and share them along.

Thanks again for your support and I wish you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2014.

The Most Popular Articles On BrightonYourHealth

In March 2010 a friend forwarded me an email about onions. A bit of research led to the most popular article written on the blog. Are half-cut onions poisonous? Does an open onion put in a room protect you against the flu? If you haven’t read this post on onions here it is:

#1 Onions, Flu Protector or Poisonous?

Long ago I was dating a guy who had never eaten a vegetable or a piece of salad in his life. You would think he wouldn’t survive, but he has. And he is not the only one who has never eaten a vegetable. Readers world-wide have contacted me or have commented with worries. Can I be healthy if I don’t eat vegetables? Here is his story:

#2 Can You Be Healthy Without Eating Vegetables?

My dad had a stroke in February 2009 was left severely disabled. As a result, after a three-week stint in the hospital for pneumonia in April 2010 he became nutritionally malnourished and was confined to a bed. As a result, he came home with 3 deep pressure wounds. After trying everything to get rid of them, the one thing that seemed to help keep his wounds clean and start to heal was Manuka honey. I consider this honey liquid gold. Here is why:

#3 Manuka Honey’s Healing Benefits: Cure or Coincidence?

If you know this blog, you may know that I do not believe in long-term dieting nor quick fixes for losing weight. One product I found advertised was called Slimaluma, (note using the word slim in the title) an expensive weight-loss pill that (supposedly) suppresses appetite. This article outlines why I believe this product is a waste of money:

#4 Slimaluma May Not Slim You Down

When my daughter was 9 years old, I found out that she had a Nutella addiction. She was not the only one with this Nutella obsession, I discovered what a problem it is for some to stop eating this food. We cured her addiction with this simple method:

#5 How My Daughter Got Over Her Nutella Addiction

I had a friend that suffered from unexplained health problems: nausea, dizziness, stomach issues, pain. She went to several specialists and underwent many examinations to determine the cause of her illness. Unfortunately, she never got answers and she wasn’t the only one. After this article on undiagnosed medical conditions, I had readers email me looking for answers. I wish I could help more, but this post was an avenue to know that some with no answers are not the only ones suffering:

#6 Undiagnosed Medical Conditions, Small Steps To Diagnosis

During the third year of blogging my daughter turned 13 years old. A real teenager. As she was my first of four children to become an adolescent, the terrain was unknown. One thing that I noticed was my ultra-skinny daughter started gaining weight quickly. But this was normal. Read why here:

#7 When A Jump In Your Teenage Weight May Not Be A Concern

You have probably heard of the book, “French Women Don’t Get Fat” by Mireille Guiliano. Here is my take on another reason why French women don’t gain weight. They are disciplined eaters, but a few times a week they finish a big meal with this:

#8 Why French Women Aren’t Fat: My 2 Cigarette A Week Theory

Being a foreigner you get used to the customs of a country over several years. I also got used to the afternoon gouter, the French snack that kids eat around 5:00 P.M. We could miss the gouter some days, but French kids couldn’t and here is why:

#9 French Kids DO Snack: The Sacred French Gouter

On one of our summers on the Jersey Shore I observed over several weeks the employees of a store eating their dinner on the counter where the purchases and money were put. Here is one story of that experience and my opinion on what is missing in the American sacred act of eating a meal:

#10 Food Snob or Bad Manners: Why the French Might Just Be Right


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I greatly appreciate you sharing articles that may help a friend or loved one.

Warmly yours in health,



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