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Bupa – Advent Calendar

This is a sponsored post.  This means I am compensated for the publication of this article by the sponsor.  My views expressed in this article are of my honest opinion and are not influenced by Bupa, the sponsor.


Bupa is a British Healthcare company with headquarters in the United Kingdom and bases on three continents. Bupa is the largest private healthcare provider in the United Kingdom.

One of Bupa’s main goals (and is a win-win for everyone) is to keep their customers healthy. (I think they do a great effort in this area (see Bupa find healthy). The company along with their website promotes good preventive health. Bupa provides a network of doctors and healthcare professionals on staff for their customers to contact. The company also has an extensive interactive website with online tools and tips to find healthy.

In fact, it was just seven months ago that I participated in another sponsored post by Bupa, called “Helping You Find Healthy.” In that article I reviewed Bupa’s new free online tools that any reader could use to assess their current health status and get health tips on improving their long-term health. Read this previous sponsored post here for more information.

The holidays are a special time of year but this busy season can wreak havoc on our health routine

“December: a month of Christmas shopping, holiday parties with family, friends and work, amazing seasonal foods, bundling up from the cold and maybe even hoping for a chance of snow”

It can be a real challenge to balance all the fun and things to get done during the holidays with something equally important: our health. By taking efforts to stay mentally and physically healthy during December, we can swing through the holidays in great form for January! Do you agree that feeling good during the Christmas season can help us enjoy the festivities just that bit more? I believe so.

And to make it easier and more fun to balance our health with the holidays, Bupa has developed an online advent calendar.

Bupa Advent Calendar


An advent calendar is not just for kids! It is an exciting way to open up the door and see what is behind. Bupa has published a creative calendar to get readers motivated for each day towards Christmas. A quick click on the date and voila, a health tip and picture appear. You can look at all the health tips up to the present date, but as with any advent calendar, you cannot open up the doors until you reach that date!

Bupa provides a variety of balanced health tips for each day until Christmas

The holiday season provides more of a challenge on our physical and mental health. These health tips provide a well-rounded look at all aspects of health: getting out to exercise, eating, stress level, giving up smoking, and slowing down on alcohol (as some main examples). Ah, there is more, and we all know (most of the time) what we should be doing, but isn’t it fun to see the health tip in front of our eyes and see more clearly how to get there?

My personal favourite holiday health tip from Bupa

I checked out Bupa’s advent calendar and in just opening the first few dates, I found my favourite tip: on December 3rd, “There’s snow reason not to stay active” (ha-ha, absolutely!).


There’s snow reason not to stay active…absolutely! From Bupa’s advent calendar on December 3rd

Being active during the Christmas season is really my key to managing the rest. I never give up exercise during the holidays. It is this time we need to be moving the most.  Physical activity helps us sleep better, know our bodies better, helps with stress and allows us to eat for pleasure while keeping our weight in control.

What is your favourite Bupa advent calendar health tip?

And you? What is your favourite Bupa health tip from the calendar? Let me know your favourite tip and why this helps you to stay healthy. You can comment in the “Leave a Reply” section below.

Now you are ready: check out the Bupa advent calendar on a daily basis. Each day you will be able to open up a new health tip. You can also share Bupa’s calendar with your family and friends. You will be sharing thoughts of good health!

Here’s to you all, have a healthy and joyous holiday season. Stay in touch!
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