Can You Live Healthy Without Eating Any Vegetables?

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Are Tomatoes a Fruit or a Vegetable?

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My clients call me “The Realistic Dietitian.”  If you got to this site because you are worried about your health or someone’s health who is not eating vegetables, please take a deep breath and know that there are always solutions to diet issues.  Enjoy the article.  The story was inspired by a very close friend of mine who has never during his 46 years on this earth eaten a vegetable and never will. 

Perhaps you Googled to get to this article on vegetables.  If you are reading this, you may be wondering the big question, “Can I survive without eating any vegetables?” Or perhaps, can I still obtain good health without any veggies in my diet? If you know the background and vision of this site, you will know that the answer is just a couple of compromises away.  The basic compromise is that you have to like fruit.  If you eat fruit you have even passed the survival mode.  But truth is, if you don’t eat any fruit nor vegetables, you may see your health struggle and your risk to get minor and major illnesses increase.

Living Healthy Means Being Creative and Knowing Your Body and Taste Preferences

So you don’t like vegetables? And maybe you completely hate vegetables? Are you going to listen to your dietitian/doctor/mother/partner who says that you MUST eat your vegetables?  Doubt it.  If you hate the taste of something, just because you should eat it doesn’t mean you will. Moving towards good health can also mean being creative with the basic guidelines we know:  5 a Day intake of fruits and vegetables can also mean 5 a day fruits. Of course, not all vegetables are created equal. Maybe you will love eating some veggies and not others. Or maybe you are like my friend…

Let me give you a funny example

My friend recently sent me an email about how his health plan is going.  He was laughing out loud with me because he hates vegetables and knows that I am a dietitian. He said

“Hey, Mare, you should write something in your blog about people who don’t eat vegetables and still are healthy!”

Because believe it or not my friend hasn’t put a morsel of any vegetable in his body in 46 years!  But do you know what?

He is healthy because even though he does miss this key component of a healthy, balanced diet (like his veggies) he does eat his very sweet and very sour fruits (as he calls them).  He is also quite a mentally balanced person, exercises some, enjoys life to the fullest, has good relationships, sees a doctor regularly, and he does eat his fruit. Living healthy is a full spectrum that includes more than what you put in your mouth.  It is an individual process with individual goals that fit into that person’s taste, lifestyle, habits and social background.  So, my friend, it is okay not to have eaten a vegetable for the past 46 years. It will be okay to continue to do this for the next 46 years too.  But how about sticking a carrot into your juicer, please?

What are your creative ways for living healthy? Let me know your feedback! And if you want to read more realistic ways to live healthy in your own way, keep reading and browsing the articles here.  Like our Facebook page or subscribe to our RSS feed to receive email updates.

To answer the question above, botanically tomatoes are considered a fruit but they are often served as a vegetable.

Update: If you are concerned about the lack or absence of fruits and/or vegetables in your diet, here is my suggestion: invest in a good blender or juicer. Here is a high quality juicer I can recommend that produces a great juice, full packed with vitamins!

A juicer is a good investment for your health, especially if you don’t like or cannot tolerate eating fruits and vegetables in their natural state. Taking a daily multivitamin is also a good idea.

If you are concerned about your (or your loved one) lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet and decide to take a multivitamin, buy high quality. You may get more than you bargained for in some of the cheaper cost vitamins. Here is an article just published on dietary supplements and teenagers, but it concerned all of us. Check it out. “Why Some Dietary Supplements Can Toxify Your Teen.”


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80 Responses to “Can You Live Healthy Without Eating Any Vegetables?”

  1. Actually, many vegetables, especially green ones, are filled with anti-nutrients like goitogorens and oxalates. They aren’t that nutritious, and aren’t necessary for good health.

  2. What I don’t get is how the body can keep going when we don’t get enough of or zero of the certain kind of vitamins and minerals.

    B vitamins, especially. Those suckers are damn near impossible to get, and nearly all of us don’t get anywhere near the RDA.

    There are plenty of people who get only traces of the vitamins and minerals, yet they live to a ripe old age.

    I mean, come on, how many of us really eat salads every day?

    Granted, there are plenty who die before their time, and get sick over and over again, and they get diseases, but still….

    I don’t get how the body can keep going.

    • Hi Perry, Ah…there is so much we don’t know about nutritional science (and much we know too)….We have progress to be made. You would be surprised though that some ‘regular’ foods all contain minerals and vitamins-maybe in lower quantities than ideal. Also, there are many foods fortified with vitamins and minerals for the exact reason that we don’t all eat salads every day. Bread, milk, cereal, butter …these are fortified with different vitamins and minerals that are not normally found in the foods. Thanks for your comment and keep reading ! Mary

  3. So Here’s my Deal
    I am 22 almost 23 years old and absolutely hate vegetables and fruits. I hate the Taste and texture of them. I also want to start working out at the gym later this year and know That I need to get my diet fixed before I can do that. What are your Recommendations for someone who simple really can’t eat either. I have considered Juicing but don’t know what kind of juices to make. Any advice would be Appreciated.

    • Hi Bryan, You could start working out at the gym without your diet being totally perfect. If you have any health concerns or complicated medical history get a doc’s ok before starting a major workout program. You have a tough situation: don’t like fruits nor vegetables. I could recommend a good juicer(there is a link in the bottom of the article you commented here). Juicers normally come with a recipe page (just a couple of juice recipes). If you like sweet taste, I could suggest starting with just making fruit smoothies. Never too late to take positive steps in your health. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
      Warmly, Mary

  4. What a fascinating idea! I would assume the healthiest of diets would of course include a range of vegetables so it’s very interesting to read your article, I will definitely look into this further! Thanks for sharing.

    Julie x
    Julie Montagu recently posted..Green Tea

  5. hey i’m a jamaican and i don’t like to eat any kind of fruits and vegetables. i was wondering if there is a way to get healthy. also when i do any sports activity my chest starts to burn do you know if its because i’m not eating any vegetables or fruits…


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