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Hot Dogs Are A Big Choking Risk For Older Children Too

Wasses Hot Dogs
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About a week ago, I published a post about food choking hazards because my 3-year-old had choked on a candy while running. Watching your child choke (and feeling useless) was something I hope no parent would have to experience.

Ironically, just a few days after my child’s choking incident, the American Academy of Pediatrics published a well-publicized report  that encouraged food labeling for foods that posed the highest choking hazards for kids under 4-years-old.
Hotdogs come top on the list. Did you know that one of our kids’ favorite foods can also pose a big choking risk?

This is not well-known and that is why I am passing along the message.

Hotdogs are a high risk choking food and must be cut into small pieces for children under three-years-old. Children older than three are still prone to choking on hotdogs. That is why it is critical to cut the hotdog longways or cut it into small pieces.

I still remember the stories of older children (in middle and high school) choking on hot dogs in the school lunch room or at home.

Whatever age your kids are, teach them to sit down at the table and eat slowly.

My daughter was running around sucking on a candy when she choked. Thankfully we used a mini Heimlich (just a small push to the diaphram) and my daughter was okay.

Do you think putting labels on choking foods for kids a good idea?  Did you know about the particular choking risks of hotdogs?

Thanks for reading and pass along this article if you feel it could help someone.

Warmly, Mary

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