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Eating all’aperto in Fresh Air Italy: 5 Days and 5 Primi Piatti

Bologna is filled with color and sun. The best weather to dine outdoors!

Everything tastes better eaten outside, all’aperto, especially in Italy

Day five of 5 days of eating bliss in bellissima Italia. It was hard to realize that all great things must come to an end. But they always do, don’t they?

On my last lunch in Bologna it was appropriate to do it the right way. Eating real and authentic Bolognese food in the perfect environment.

The last 4 days in Bologna we ate traditional, trendy, jazzy, trattoria style. How to top this? For day 5 the goal was to enjoy an amazing lunch all’aperto, or outside in fresh air. The way you eat in many European cities: dining at a small and intimate outside table connected to the restaurant.

It was a gorgeous and warm day. Sunny with a jolt of spring flavor in the air. As I walked around downtown Bologna there was one thought that kept going through my head,

Tutto ha un miglior sapore all’aperto.

Everything tastes better in fresh air.

Do you agree?

Now, where is this perfect restaurant?

Finding the right restaurant is truly an art

The last meal in Bologna. It required some skill to find the restaurant. A menu with food that looked appealing, the right atmosphere, locals eating there, real cooking. And as a plus, on that last day in Italy, outside dining for that perfect view to do my other favorite activity when dining alone:

People watching!

A lot of criteria. But Bologna has a plethora of trattorias, and with so much to chose from I found it.

And it all does taste better when you eat outside

A small trattoria with 4 tables attached to eat all’aperto, outside. I was greeted with a smile by the restaurant staff. With a deep breath, I asked with the best Italian I could muster,

Posso sedermi a tavola all’aperto?

Can I sit at a table outside?



I sat down and ordered a great meal. My main dish, il primo piatto, was the most traditional plate you find in Bologna. It was the famous and celebrated dish called:

Tagliatelle al ragù alla Bolognese. The authentic version.

Antipasto and il primo piatto

This first course, the ragù alla bolognese ws a filling and typical Bolognese dish. Although it is considered a starter for a meal in Italy, I chose to eat it as the main dish because it is deliciously rich. And to celebrate the last meal in bella Italia, I went all the way and ordered this  antipasto as my first course.

The antipasto to the primo piatto Italian style

This antipasto is the colorful and light salad that you see in the photo. This dish called in Italian, bacon in letto di  grassa gallina uses a lettuce called Valerianella locusta in Italian.

Another great meal. A perfect 10! Or perhaps I should say, a perfect 5? Five wonderful days with five delicious meals.

Ah, adoro Bologna. So hard to leave. Well, I didn’t leave completely. Some of my heart stayed there and my head knows that I’ll be back soon.

Do you love dining in Italy? Let me hear your stories about your favorite meal in this beautiful country.

If you would like to read about day 1-4, click on these articles, “Eating Traditional”, “Eating Trendy”, “Eating Jazzy” “Eating Trattoria” and then come back to read the rest of BrightonYourHealth!

Buon Appetito

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  1. Grant Williams September 14, 2017 at 16:50 #

    Very nice, Mary! I found your blog while reading about Italy. Really gives me some extra motivation for visiting there!

    Looks like it was wonderful and the food was great as well.
    Grant Williams recently posted..Will Air Purifiers Help With Dog Smell?


  1. Mary Brighton - August 13, 2012

    {latest post} Like in many European cities, it is common to find restaurants with outside dining. Do you agree…

  2. Suzanne Saxe-R, Ed.D - August 13, 2012

    RT @mbrighton66 Eating all’aperto in Fresh Air Italy: 5 Days and 5 Primi Piatti: The trip in Bologna came to an …

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