Eco-Nutrition: Good Nutrition Choices with Ecological Sustainability

The dilemma: Eat fish as a good nutrition choice or don’t eat fish because it drains the fish supply and its impact on the environment?

This is part of a new series on Eco-Nutrition: integrating nutrition choices with ecological sustainability. For the introduction on the series read  “Eco-Nutrition on Earth Day”. The eco-nutrition movement asks the question: “How can we combine good nutrition with protection of our precious environment?”

Do you eat the fish or choose not to protect the environment?

This question is being continually raised as consumers are trying to balance good nutrition with good ecological choices. I ask myself while staring at fish in the grocery store:

What should I do? I love to eat fish, my kids love to eat fish. Fish is a great source of lean protein and/or omega 3. Should I buy fish or be ecological and choose not to buy fish because of disappearing fish stocks?

This question and other nutrition and environmental questions do not have easy answers. These unanswered dilemmas have inspired me to write a series on Eco-Nutrition, to help make better nutritional choices that protect our environment and help with ecological sustainability.

Eco-Nutrition: Integration of Nutrition Choices with Ecological Sustainability

Over the next several weeks there will be articles in these areas:

  • Buying Local and Thinking Global  The why and how.
  • Bottled, Filtered or Tap Water   A choice between a home ‘polluted’ water supply or a plastic ‘polluted’ environment?
  • Plant Diet  Eating a high nutrient dense protein plant diet means some of our food choices can travel very far to get on your plate. Plus, what is a  phytonutrient and thoughts on our dietary plant choices.
  • Supplements (Just Published!) Should we use nutrition supplements from food and plants that are not ecologically sustainable?
  • Should we be Eating Less Meat and Fish? (Just Published!) Questions to ask about our meat and fish supplies while being informed citizens on treatment of animals and fish.
  • Eating Natural with Less Processed Foods (Just Published!) For our babies and our children, eating natural could be a very important part of their development process
  • Are Genetically Modified Crops Better For the Environment and Safe to Eat? Plus, can we solve some world hunger issues with better crop production?
  • Importance of Eco-Nutrition for our Babies and Educating our Children The why and how
  • Combining Less Food Waste and Better Nutrition  Better ways to waste less food, enjoy better taste and better nutrition.
  • Weight Loss and Saving our Plant More reasons to keep an ideal weight

I sincerely hope this series of upcoming articles can help you and your family make positive nutrition and ecological choices. If you would like to be informed on when a new article is published, please subscribe to our newsletter below. You will need to provide your email address which will be kept private. By joining us you will get your free (and popular!) E-report on “10 Tips to Good Health The Way You Want It.”

As with any articles published on this site, I welcome your comments, your personal lifestyle tips and feedback.



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