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Kids’ Healthy Diet: How Essential Are Fruits and Vegetables?

3 Fruit Arranged: A Study
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Essential part of your child’s diet should be fruits and vegetables, meeting that 5 a Day goal…another installment of LIV”E” HEALTHY.   The message “5 a Day” is one that everyone has probably heard a least once.  “5 a Day…5 a Day…5 a Day…!”  It is all over the place, even here in France where it is translated from English…5  fruits et legumes par jour!  However, speaking to parents of children, this particular health goal can seem difficult to meet.  Be optimistic!  Sometimes just a simple tweak of  their eating plan and they are on their way to 5 a Day!

The message is clear, 5 a Day, but what isn’t too clear is how to get there and why.  Eating 5 a day IS essential for overall good health for you and your children.   Eating enough fruits and vegetables will help your children’s immune system, give them the minerals and vitamins they need for proper growth and give them adequate fiber. Fruits and veggies really are ESSENTIAL for your kid’s health!   Achieving the goal of “5 a Day” seems daunting…but it can happen.  How?  Kids can start the day with a half a glass of 100% fruit juice.  Snacks between meals?  A banana or another piece of fruit.  Lunch should include a serving of vegetables. And dinner…another serving of veggies.  Dessert after lunch or dinner? Another piece of fruit…Now, we are heading to “6 a Day!”  Finally, even if the message is “5 a day” sometimes it is better to look at THIS goal weekly…some days  kids have 7 servings of the essentials, some days 3 servings.  It all averages out in the end.  And one last important point…if your child eats 5 servings of fruit daily and doesn’t touch a vegetable, they are still meeting that 5 a Day goal.  Every child loves fruit…promote it!

Any readers have a way to insure YOUR kids meet their “5 a day?”  Let me know what it is and I will promote in on a future post in how to get your kids to eat MORE fruits and veggies….

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