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European Homeopathy Views From An Non Native European

After 500-ish pills
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Those little cute containers that dispense tiny little balls…what are they?  Actually, they are not little balls, but little secrets, each container a dilution of something interesting…yes, it is homeopathy.  In Europe, these little balls count for some big results…in alternative medicine.  Homeopathy..never heard of it before I lived in Europe, but quickly it became apparent that this alternative medicine is quite the big thing over here. It can even be reimbursed by the health system if it is prescribed by a doctor.

What is homeopathy?  Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine which helps the body heals itself.  It uses the “like with like” philosophy…That means that if you have problems with insomnia, you would take a homeopathy remedy that would normally keep you caffeine!  Homeopathy has been around for almost as long as America has been a nation…around 200 years.  There are even primary doctors that specialize in homeopathy, like my general doctor.  My doc, he can use the western style medicine when he feels it is appropriate, but he also doesn’t hesitate to use the “wait and see” method…using homeopathy to see if the symptoms get better using this type of medicine.  Homeopathy can be used for either chronic (long-term) or acute (one time) conditions.

An example, my son has pain in his ear, with a fever.  I bring him to my homeopathic doctor, who is also a regular doctor and he examines him.  He determines that the ear is inflamed, it could be due to a virus, and he decides to use the “wait and see” method; that is to treat with homeopathy to help decrease the fluid, treat the virus and wait 3 days to see what happens.  In the meantime, daily contact with the doctor by telephone and probably something given for pain.  If his ear infection doesn’t improve, back to the doctor’s office, this time antibiotics could be prescribed.

One time, my same dear son had a horrible case of excema…at 4 months of age.  It all started when he got his vaccines and it was getting worse and worse.  We took him to a homeopathic doctor in France who prescribed a remedy that included the diluted form of the vaccines he received.  I put these cute little balls in his water bottle, he drank them down and guess what? The next day his excema got worse not better!  Quick, a phone call to the homeopathic doctor…and he said “don’t worry, this is normal, the symptoms get worse before they get better” and the next day…yes, his excema started getting better until 2 days later…no more excema!  I couldn’t believe it..this is when I really started to believe in those sweet tiny balls!

Homeopathy can be a useful alternative medicine with or without the help of western type of medicine. It is used widely in Europe and is prescribed by professionals, those who are homeopathic professionals, who have passed hours of practice before they are allowed to prescribe these remedies.  If you are interested in using homeopathy, use a professional who is qualified.  Homeopathy has little or no side effects; pregnant women, babies and even those taking other medicines can use homeopathy safely.  Give it a try, you will be glad you did.  Share your homeopathic “miracles” with me, I would love to hear about them!

One last comment…if you are traveling or living between countries, see my next post on using/buying homeopathy between different countries.  Because those wierd numbers that are on those cute small bottles are different between various regions of the world.

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