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Kids and Exercise: A Daily Dose Is More Than Just Medicine

Creative Commons License photo credit: toxickore

Exercise, a daily requirement for kids.  The next installment in how to teach your kids to LIVE  H”E”ALTHY.  Kids need at least 60 minutes of exercise per day.  Kids NEED to move.  EVERYDAY!  Limit their time on video games, computer and television and get them out moving~!  Sometimes this means going out and moving with them, going on a walk together, bike ride, or just playing catch in the backyard.

However, no one is really quite sure on how much daily exercise kids really need. 

Some researchers have concluded that 60 minutes a day is just about right.  Getting your kids outside or just  moving around is great for everyone.  For the kids this means fresh air, moving muscles and bones, burning calories.  For the parents it means calmer, healthier kids!

How many of you take your kids out and do physical activities with them?  I know there are many of you out there. Let me know who you are!

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