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French Recipes From a French School Lunch Program, Part 2

Mushroom Brioche - Le Traiteur AUD5.50
Creative Commons License photo credit: avlxyz

Hmm, What is that in the photo?  Beignets with Salsifis?  (Savory donuts with Radish)?  It certainly isn’t Veal Blanquette, or Celeriac Salad with Remoulade Sauce.  But, wait!  I promised you from Part 1 of the French Recipes from a French School Lunch Program, GIZZARD SALAD!!!  No, that isn’t gizzard salad.  That would have green lettuce with like meat on top.  (By the way, have you tried gizzard salad before?)  So delicious!  And did you know that the French kids eat gizzard salad as a first course at the school lunch program in Pau, France?   See Day 9 from this website for the menu for that day.  The gizzard, the muscle pouch located behind the stomach of poultry contains ingested grit, helping birds digest their food.  The gizzards are cooked on the stove and are served on a green salad, warm with a vinaigrette dressing.  OK, Now, I will tell you what the photo is:  Mushroom Brioche.  Not served in Pau cantine but looks delicious nonetheless. 

Here are the recipes from Part 2 of the French school lunch Program, not the exact recipes that are prepared in Pau, but links to websites with the recipes:

VEAL BLANQUETTE (Veal Stew) from Day 13

This Veal Stew is just delicious!  When my now 6-year-old was a toddler, she used to engulf this! 


White beans are a great substitute for a protein source for those who follow a vegetarian diet.  And for those who don’t…it is still a healthy and wonderful first course for a balanced meal, either for lunch or dinner.  If you use canned white beans, voila! you have a very easy meal and healthy too!  Here is a recipe to try for white bean salad


So yummy, crisp and Creole!  Find this vegetable in the supermarket and try it, you won’t be disappointed. The recipe includes the remoulade sauce which makes it perfect. 


I am sure there are parts of the world other than France that gizzards are available to purchase.  So, look out for them and try this delectable salad. You and the kids won’t be disappointed!  One note about the recipe I linked.  It looks complicated but try it.  But for a faster prepared gizzard salad you can try my version:  use frisée salad and buy the gizzards already cut up in cans or sous-vide.  I sauté the gizzards quickly in a casserole on stove (no oil needed to sauté them, they have enough fat on them) .  I mix the frisée with the vinaigrette and add a bit of salad on each plate, place a small amount of  the hot gizzards on top,  and sprinkle with toasted walnuts or pine nuts.  For me, the nuts are essential on this salad as well as a good vinaigrette, either one prepared from this recipe or one you make on your own.  Also, add drop of honey to the vinaigrette; this is the touch of perfection… the gizzards have a salty taste (like bacon) and the mix of salt/sugar is delicious.  Let me know how it comes out!!  And as always:  BON APPETIT!!!

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