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French School Lunch Compared to American School Lunch, Day 11

Creative Commons License photo credit: Osamu Iwasaki

Welcome back! Hope you all had a nice day off!  Well, here in France anyway there was a day off, the French kids have no school on Wednesdays. But for the parents, it is one of the busiest days of the week.  No school, but plenty of activities if you choose to do this for your kids:  music, sport, artistic activities.  With 4 kids to taxi around, it is non stop on Wednesdays.  But, we are back and looking again at what elementary kids eat for school lunch in France vs. America.  We are focusing on schools in Toms River, NJ and Pau, France.  Here is the menu for September 30, 2010:

Toms River, NJ

Choice of 1 main dish, 2 sides and served with a half pint of milk

Popcorn chicken or Cheese Steak Sandwich

Corn and Fresh Orange


Pau, France

Served with slices of baguette and water

Garlic Pepperoni

Gratin of Fish,  Flat Green Beans

Fraidou (soft cheese like cream cheese) , Orange

Well, interesting again, both schools served a piece of fruit for dessert and IT WAS THE SAME ONE!  An orange!  Do you think we  underestimate how much kids really do love fruit?  Too bad it cannot be on the menu everyday; even a piece of fruit and a nice dessert afterwards.  Having fruit on both menus everyday is a sure shot at getting your child to eat that “5 a day” fruits and vegetables.  But, sorry Toms River, a bit of a black mark from me as they are again serving chicken (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of this week there was chicken also as one of the main dish choices) AND the popcorn chicken is fried.  There is that option of a cheese steak sandwich, but usually these sandwiches are not the most healthy option on the menu. So, you are stuck really…has YOUR child ever felt really stuck at the school cafeteria?  Not happy with the food?  What did you do about it?  Let me know 🙂

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