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French School Lunch Compared to American School Lunch, Day 25

(1962) basement grade school cafeteria
Creative Commons License photo credit: x-ray delta one

Hey, we are almost at the end!  30 days of comparing school lunch menus between America and France…we focused on New Jersey to Pau for the first 23 Days; now we are moving around other regions in France and America to check out other school lunch programs…our last look was Boston, Massachusetts to Lille, France but now onto Seattle, Washington to Nancy, France.  Seattle is a big city in the Northwestern part of America; Nancy is also a big city located on the Northeastern part of France. 


Homemade Macaroni & Cheese or Twin Slider (2) Munchable with Roast Turkey and Cheese

Garden Salad, Fresh Broccoli

Chilled Canned Fruit, Seedless Grapes



Coleslaw Salad

Filet of Hoki Fish with Armoricaine Sauce (2)


Slice of Saint Paulin Cheese, Caramel Flan


(1) A slider is a small mini sandwich

(2) Armoricaine sauce is prepared with tomatoes and chili pepper and is served with fish.  (It is also called “American Sauce” or Sauce Américaine)

What is healthy about the Seattle menu is the healthy side dishes, even whole foods such as the garden salad, fresh broccoli and the grapes.  I think Seattle is doing a great job!  If their main meal for the school lunch isn’t a super healthy option, well, at least there are the whole food side dishes to compensate. 

For Nancy, France it also looks like a yummy menu (my mouth is watering as I write this…it’s lunchtime!), but the meal could have been perfect with….a vegetable!  I don’t know why it isn’t included..I guess the tomatoes in the sauce count as the vegetable for the lunch.  But, if your young children are like mine, they don’t like to have a lot of sauce on their meat and fish dishes.  They prefer it plain. I am sure too, that in the cafeteria in Nancy, France some of the kids also asked for their fish sans sauce!  So, a vegetable is really needed here…in my opinion. 

What do you think?  Go Seattle!  Good work Nancy, add a veggie next time.  That was Friday’s meal, only 5 more days until conclusions…Tune in for other cities around America and France next week.  And until then…Bon Appetit! 

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