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French School Lunch Compared to American School Lunch Day 29

Bastille Day at Le Cordon Bleu
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Ah!  Two school lunch menus left!  Day 29 and then tomorrow onto our last day, Day 30.  This time we will voyage to the southern part of Brittany to visit a city called Nantes, and to the heart of  Texas, a suburb of Dallas, called Irving. Here are the menus for these two cities:


Beef and Cheese Burrito or Crispy Turkey Tacos

Spanish Brown Rice

Lettuce and Tomato Salad

Fruit Cocktail




Half a Grapefruit

Beef Bourguignon with Small Fried Potatoes

Flavored Yogurt


To all worldwide readers…you may or may not know that Texas is the American state above Mexico.  And if you know Mexican cuisine, you can see the influence of this on the Irving, Texas school lunch menu: burritos or tacos, spanish brown rice, these foods have a real Mexican push in them.  Just as the foods in Southwestern France had on the school lunch menus in Pau; even gizzard salad! 

The Nantes menu is a real typical French school lunch menu…a fruit or veggie starter, a meat main meal, and the yogurt (or sometimes it is cheese) for dessert.  If you serve the same first course at your home (half grapefruit) encourage your children to eat it without sugar; my oldest tells me that in the school cafeteria her camarades like to sprinkle sugar on the grapefruit, something they don’t need to do if the grapefruits are ripe and ready to go.   Beef  Bourguignon is a beef stew that has vegetables cooked with it, which is why there is no extra vegetable served with this main dish.  But beef bourguignon is a “gourmet” dish, and given that 3-5 year olds are eating in the cafeteria, I wonder how many of them will actually eat this dish?  My young ones do not like to eat things all mixed together…Are your kids the same?  Overall looking at the two menus, a Mexican meal for Texas and a regular French meal for Nantes.  Both appear quite healthy and balanced. Now, will the kids eat what is served to them?  Any thoughts from you?  Let me know by commenting…Tune in for the last day, Day 30 and for the conclusions.  And until then Buon Appetito! 

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