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French School Lunch Compared to American School Lunch, Day 7

Pizza Day
Creative Commons License photo credit: WellspringCS

Welcome to Day 7  for another look into two school lunch menus:  Toms River, New Jersey vs. Pau,  France.   Here is the menu for September 23, 2010.  Enjoy and Bon Appetit! 

Toms River, NJ

Choice of 1 main dish, 2 sides and served with a half pint of milk

Meatball Parmesan Sandwich or Macaroni and Cheese

Potato Wedges, Fresh Orange


Pau, France

Served with slices of baguette and water

Tomato Salad

Braised Ham, French Fries

Caramel Pudding

Here again are the links to Toms River, New Jersey school lunch menus, and Pau, France menus.  What I particularly like with the French menus is that the first course (served separately from the main meal) is usually some type of fresh fruit, vegetable or salad.  Not always, but in a large majority of cases.  This is important, because when your child is hungry and sits down to eat at the table, they will be more likely to eat that first course,  just because they are very hungry.  If the first course is a healthy one and your child eats it because they are starving, then…eating this first course  adds  to their “5 a day” fruit and vegetable portions.  See also,  my previous posting on other ways to get your children to eat vegetables. PLUS,  see my post tomorrow on how lunch is served at the elementary school cantine in France, a bit different from America; and why this first course serving actually works in France.  Tune in tomorrow but leave me your comments TODAY 🙂  !  Buon Appetito!

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