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French Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health: It’s Easy

French ways to eat for pleasure and good health is now in the action plan stages.  Changes are easier to accept when they are easy, so this first phase is focusing on the two easiest ways out of 17 Frenchy ways to eat healthy .  Starting with enjoying lunch and dinner meals with water to drink and finishing up the meal with a symbol that the meal is indeed over, basta!  Drinking water or wine with the two main meals of your day. Finishing every meal with style, savoring a small coffee or piece of chocolate.  Do these sounds painful to you?  Adapting these two changes to your daily eating plan, especially during your family meals to involve your children is the first easy start to eating for good health:  Easy Plan.  See how easy it can be by continuing to read.


Water is an essential drink for life.  We can live on average 3 days without water.  Water is the ideal drink for all family members, including children.  Kids can enjoy water at dinner in place of milk as a drink.  Children do need milk in their diet to ensure adequate calcium intake for bone growth.  You may be surprised to discover though that your kids can skip their milk drink at dinner and still meet their calcium requirements. If your kids are eating in the school lunch program they will be get a dairy beverage at lunch with their meals.  Complementing the main meals with a daily cheese and yogurt source satisfies your children’s 3 servings daily calcium requirements.  Are your kids drinking sugared drinks with or in between their meals?  In America, sugared drinks such as Sunny Delight, sodas such as Coca Cola etc. are filled with high fructose corn syrup.  This is an altered form of sugar and should be avoided as it doesn’t curb a person’s appetite, while possibly adding to the obesity epidemic.  Read an article published on this health blog about HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and obesity.  Do you think drinking fruit juice is always healthy? Fruit juice, even no added sugar fruit juice is still 100% sugar from fructose.  One cup of fruit juice in the morning for breakfast, for you and your children is all you need for the day for vitamin C intake, as long as you are having other fruit sources in your diet during the rest of the day.  Plain water, or water with twists of lemon, lime or oranges is the ideal accompaniment to lunch and dinner.  You notice there is no talk about beverages with breakfast?  Couldn’t imagine giving up my coffee or tea in the morning, is this the same for you?  Stick with water with meals and start today. Ignore the kids when they get upset and say “water is boring”  or “I’m not drinking that.”  Be strict and start main meals from now on with only water to drink.  Wine is also a complement to a meal.  If you drink wine with your meals, continue.  Add that glass of water on the side too.


  • Main meal is water only.  Water can be served with twists of fresh lemon, lime, or oranges.  Kids adore drinking water with this added touch of color and flavor. Promise you! 
  • Breakfast can include coffee, tea and fruit juice.  For children, breakfast should include a dairy source such as glass of milk, milk with cereal or a yogurt.

***Children need a calcium source in their diet to ensure adequate bone growth. Milk and other dairy products are an efficient way to get the calcium they need.  Dr. Sears writes a great article on milk, milk allergies and FAQ sheet on milk.  Check it out.  *** Read this article to calculate the calcium requirements for your children and what are good sources of calcium.


One reader commented that she liked the article about chocolate or café. Merci beaucoup!  Now she was going to start to finish all her meals with style!  Completing every meal with a token that it is done, we are full, we can leave the table now.  Do you find yourself or your children opening the fridge one hour after eating?  Do you or your children start checking out the snacks in the pantry, or grab an ice cream in the freezer very soon after the meal is over?  Having a finish to the meal, educating our bodies and our children that we leave the table full and satisfied is a great way to avoid snack and grazing cravings. Avoiding snacks and grazing after meals is a good way to avoid extra pounds.


  • Every main meal finish with a gesture that it is done.  My fav?  Lunch (our main meal) finished with a strong espresso. 
  • Talk to your children and discuss together what gest you could use to symbolize that your meal is done.  Use the occasion to explain that when the meal is over there is no eating until the next meal.  This is why kids and adults need to leave the table full and satisfied. Then there is no cravings for snacks soon after. My kiddies love to finish their meals with either a yogurt or applesauce.

Two ways for eating for pleasure and good health.  Two easy ways to start the Action Plan, Part 3.  Start with one of the two ways, either drinking water with meals, or finishing the meal with style.  Do each plan for one week each and move to the second way on the second week.  Let me know how it is going, how you feel, how are your kids surviving?  Until next time, Bon Appetit!

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