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French Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health: Final Food Phase

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French ways to eat for pleasure and good health: farmers markets, being demanding and enjoying healthy fats and proteins


Welcome to the action plan for tips and techniques on staying healthy, living healthy and eating healthy borrowed from the French culture.  The final food phase steps up our habits to focus on food, what types of foods to eat and where our food come from.  Have you been reading this series on French ways to eat for good health?  Have you made a committment to stop dieting and find a long-term plan that works for you?  Keep reading and click on the links to the other articles in this series.  The final food phase in this action plan involves three areas:  supporting farmers markets and local foods, being a demanding person, parent or consumer on what is in our foods, how food is processed and grown and finally enjoying a meal plan that is a pleasurable experience with lots of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins.  First, here are links to the previous 5 action ways for further reading: Easy, Moderate, Challenging Targets, Challenging Yourself, Gourmet Status.

Eat locally, act globall

Support your local farmers markets

This action plan for eating locally, acting globally for good health and healthy living means making an effort to support our local farmers and buying their products. Ask around in your local area if there are farms and farmers markets which sell their produce. If you live in an urban area, inquire at your local mayor’s office about farmers markets that are held around the city . 

Grow your own small or big garden.  At the supermarket read labels on produce and buy those foods grown nearby.  Eat foods when they are in season, buying less foods that have traveled across the globe.

Be demanding on what you put in your mouth, especially true for your children

Ask questions to farmers of how they use pest control, read labels on foods to choose the healthiest options, be persistent and make what you put in your mouth important.  Be a partner at your children’s school for the school lunch program, ask about the pesticide level of the tap water in your town, inform yourself on food recalls with supporting laws for better food inspections, both on food produced nationally and food entering your country internationally. 

Do you feel it is important to be demanding?  How demanding are you with the food and drink you put into your body?

Now that we are demanding let’s put yummy food in our body

All of us are different with our different cultural backgrounds, genetic makeups, social status, tastes, needs, lifestyles.  This is why one diet or one eating plan cannot fit everyone.  Ideally, we should put healthy food and healthy living as a priority, while adjusting what we eat to fit in our lifestyle and tastes. Making our health a priority can decrease the chances that we will succumb to a lifestyle disease such as diabetes, heart disease, some cancers or stroke.  If you already have a predisposition to one of these diseases or suffer from one of them already, than healthy eating and healthy living becomes even more urgent.

The month of May is Mediterranean Diet month.  This is my personal favorite eating plan.  Could it work for you?  It is higher in vegetable fats, high in lean proteins, it includes fatty fish such as salmon and tuna.  A diet filled with an abundance of vegetables and fruits and whole grains.  Sweets and sugared drinks are avoided.  This diet is delicious and pleasurable to eat.  Here is the nitty-gritty:

  • At least 5 fruits and vegetables daily
  • Fats primarily from vegetable sources
  • Lean proteins such as lean meat, eggs, beans, fish
  • Fatty fish 1-2 times a week for Omega 3
  • Whole grain breads, rice, pasta,couscous
  • Consumption of nuts and seeds
  • Wine in moderation

Here is a link to a detailed Mediterranean diet plan with a website dedicated to the Mediterranean diet where you can download tips and a food pyramid. Also, see these other articles published here on the Mediterranean diet vs. Dukan Diet (high protein diet, very popular now), Lose Weight French Way, Eat Fat, Gimme Protein and Fat.

Putting all that healthy food in our body is not the whole picture on good health.  Equally important are two other areas:  the mind and physical activity connection. The final and last part of this long series on eating for pleasure and good health that began almost 6 months ago in coming soon!  Tune in again to read the final conclusions.  Contact me via email at or through comment section if you have any suggestions or feedback. Finally, as Julia Child would say, “nothing is too much trouble if it turns out the way it should!”  Trouble yourself to eating well today, to stay in good health for tomorrow.  BON APPETIT!

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