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French Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health: Moderate Moves

French ways to eat for pleasure and good health is in second phase of the action plan stages.  Eating slowly and eating regular meals at regular times are the two components of the moderate plan.  Are you interested in eating more pleasurably, enjoying your mealtimes, leaving the table satiated plus adding great points to your health?  How you can you not be when it is presented like this?  Start with the Easy Plan stage for two weeks moving onto Moderate Plan here.  Easy changes to eat for pleasure, eat for good health and enjoy healthy living.


Eating slowly sounds like an easy change to carry out; or maybe you do it already?   Uhm….or eating slowly sometimes?  How long is long enough?  How slow is slow enough?  At least 30 minutes? One hour?  Or just until you are finished with your meal?  That is the problem.  Maybe we eat too quickly to finish the meal because the meal isn’t spaced out with courses or with time talking around the table.  We eat the “one course meal” when the 3 course meal, common in France, is the way to move into slowland.  Eating slowly ensures that we listen to our hunger and full cues and stop STOP! eating when we have just reached that FULL feeling.  Basta!  3 course meal is one way to eat slowly; starting with a soup or salad, moving onto the main meal and ending with a piece of fruit, yogurt or slice of cheese.  What ways do you use to eat slowly?


Yes! Si! Oui!  Eating regular meals means eating normal sized portions, a real sit down meal; not standing up and engulfing a slice of pizza.  Regular times mean stopping for a break at your normal times you eat, sitting down and enjoying a meal.  Regular times could even mean taking that 30 minute break at work and going outside with your packed lunch and enjoying a meal away from your desk.  Did you know that you would very rarely, if never, see a French person eating at their desk at work to finish a deadline?  Everyone stops to take a break to sit and eat, even if it is a short one.  Oh, and the break to drink that coffee after, did I forget that part?  Missing meals or eating small meals that don’t fill you up means feeling too hungry, unsatisfied, bingeing, grazing on snacks, biscuits or sugar rich candies in-between meals.


  • Start with Easy Plan for one to two weeks. Click on this article  to see how easy it is to drink water with meals and finish each main meal with style.
  • Eat slow and take time to listen to your own hunger/full cues.  What ideas could you use to help eat slowly?  We use the 3 course meal here in France, but there are other solutions.  What are yours?  Could listening to a CD in its entirety be a great habit to start for the main meal?  Lighting the table with candles so it is harder to leave?
  • Enjoy a real sit down meal at your regular mealtimes.  If you have children, this is also an important habit for the family. Eating dinner together is key for showing these important habits for your children’s lifetime of eating for pleasure and good health.  See this article published here about families dining together.

Does it seem feasible to add these two ways to eat for pleasure and good health to your lifestyle?  Eating slowly and regular meals is not a punishment, haha! Do you eat quickly and standing up?  Hey, sit down at a nice table, enjoy a great meal today and Bon Appetit!  Shout me some feedback on how things are going for you.  Any questions, post them or contact me through my email at:   Promise to answer….after my meal of course.

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3 Responses to French Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health: Moderate Moves

  1. Melanie Greenberg April 29, 2011 at 00:30 #

    Great advice & consistent with a mindful eating approah. Food in Europe is also less mass-produced and contains fewer additives. Try to eat fresh, natural food for greater satisfaction and satiety.

    • mbrighton April 29, 2011 at 00:37 #

      Thanks Melanie for your input. Read today that over 50% of American kids are overweight and the home environment plays a role in this epidemic. Back to basics…simple & long-term healthy home habits, like eating dinner together. You are ‘forced’ to be a bit old-fashioned here in France. This is not such a bad thing.


  1. Mary Brighton - September 11, 2011

    […] and lean proteins.  First, here are links to the previous 5 action ways for further reading: Easy, Moderate, Challenging Targets, Challenging Yourself, Gourmet […]

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