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French Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health: Targets

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More challenging action plan includes 3 challenges:  Incorporating an aperitif or cocktail, eating a lighter and later supper and changing over to a 3 course meal.  If you are new here, click on these 3 areas to read articles on these challenges.  
French Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health : More Challenging Action Plan



Welcome or welcome back! We are in the middle of a Part 3 action plan series on French ways to eat for good health.  Have you checked out Part 1 and Part 2?  Part 3 is your final destination to rising towards action for your personal health. An action plan that is realistic with easy to keep long-term habits.  This is a healthy eating plan for slowly changing our attitudes on how we eat, what we eat, and the way we eat.  It is possible to move towards a more pleasurable and healthy way of eating and living.  We may not think we have the time or energy to eat healthy, but do we have time to be ill later? Major lifestyle illnesses such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes sneak up on us.  Sometimes it is too late to make diet changes because our lifestyle habits have pushed our bodies just too far and we get ill, sometimes very ill.  Do you feel you want to make some easy changes?  Read this summary on the action plan with its different phases, and then read on for details on this phase:  More Challenging  


Oops, I thought that was an apple that keeps the doctor away.  Both do!  Have an apple with your aperitif, why not?  An aperitif is like a pre-dinner cocktail, but it is even more than that.  It is a movement before a meal to get your palate ready for the food to come.  Click on aperitif here for a great definition. Why should we move into a daily aperitif habit?  Do you come home from work or errands at the end of the day and feel the transition/stress/speed towards preparing and eating dinner is difficult and rushed?  Do you end up sitting down at the table for your meal and eating ravenously? Do you find yourself overly tasting the food you are preparing for dinner because you are hungry or bored?  The solution is the aperitif.

  • It doesn’t have to be alcoholic nor unhealthy.
  • Having an aperitif allows yourself to take that pause before your main meal and to slow down from the day.
  • Slows chances of over tasting food during meal preparation.
  • Gets mouth ready for meal to come; helps with better food appreciation and eating less during meals.

Now you are ready for action.  Start your aperitif habit today!  Here are some suggestions for aperitif: sparkling water with a lemon slice, glass of juice mixed with club soda, real lemonade or ice tea.  If you are interested in a real French aperitif, check out these ideas. You will have time to enjoy that cocktail because the second challenge for today is the lighter and later supper.


Well, soup and salad for the lighter and later supper is a great idea, but it isn’t the only one. Do you find yourself, your partner or kids raiding the fridge before sleeping?  Enjoying a later supper option is a way to stop those late night cravings.  Eating later but lighter helps to sleep better and is great for weight control.  It is great for family dinners together because there is more chance everyone is at home. What are other benefits?  Less snacking before bed and healthier and lighter eating. Move dinnertime to 8-9 PM and prepare lighter foods such as soup and salad, salad with toppings, omelette, vegetarian dishes, rice or pasta with veggies.  If you need some more ideas, check out this website for some great salad and pasta light dishes for your dinner tonight. First the aperitif challenge and now a later suppertime?  Oh la la, sounds so European!  But wait, here is the last challenge:  making your main meals 3 courses.


Moving into the 3 course meal for your main meals is the ideal way to slow down mealtime, sip and savor your food, leave the table satiated and help with weight control.  Do you enjoy your 3 course meals on Sundays or for special occasions only?  Oh NON!  Do like the Frenchys, have your daily 3 course meals.

Here is how the French do it : 1.   They move the vegetable course, soup or salad to the first part of the meal.  2.  After the first course is finished, they keep the same plate and move to the main course, filling the plate again with the main meal dishes for second helpings.  Finally they finish the meal with the last course; a piece of fruit, a piece of cheese, a small yogurt.  They keep the same plate during all courses.  But the meal is spread out, particularly using that first course of soup, salad or vegetable as the way to slow down the meal, stop eating when full and reminding your brain “I’m loving this!”


I’m getting hungry here, talking about all this food!  How about you? Do you find these challenges of the aperitif, later dinner and 3 course meals realistic and interesting?  Shout out your thoughts, will listen and answer.  If you have any questions and need more precision on what is written, contact me at OR through your question in the comment section.  Until next time, Bon Appetit!


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