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Helping You Find Healthy

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The objective of BrightonYourHealth blog has always been to help readers live a longer, healthier, more productive life through realistic methods.  I am also a big supporter of what I label as personal health reform: each one of us takes control of our health, practises preventive health and does not fully rely on doctors and other medical professionals to ‘fix us’ when we get sick.  In other words, each of us should take an active role in our own personal health.

One of my goals for this blog was to include a few online interactive health calculators. These help readers pinpoint in what health areas they are doing well or could improve on for topics such as eating healthy or maintaining a healthy weight. Well it hasn’t happened yet and I do not know if it will either. There are other websites that do the job of providing online health tools much better than I could here on BrightonYourHealth, perhaps I should just stick to writing content!

One particular website that I discovered recently is Bupa. They have a great site full of applications and health tools all accessible on one page. The beauty is that it is all free to you to use from the comfort of your home and the information is from Bupa, a trusted source.

I was introduced to Bupa’s health campaign “Helping You Find Healthy” and I took some time to check out the applications on their website. Their goal is to help you look after yourself and to promote preventive health. My opinion is that Bupa’s applications and tools are very good and a useful ‘dépistage’ (French word for screening) for a wide range of health and fitness topics including:

  • ·         Healthy eating
  • ·         Drinking alcohol
  • ·         Smoking
  • ·         Fitness regimes
  • ·         Stress
  • ·         Cancer risk
  • ·         Sleep problems
  • ·         And more….

I went onto the website and tried some of the apps. The Health age calculator is a fun one.


Health age application on Bupa’s Helping You Find Healthy Website

I answered several questions that took a couple of minutes and voila: my health age appeared as 39 years old (bummer- I was hoping I could be 18 years old again, LOL). But as Bupa pointed out, this is lower than my real age (I am 45) and could be improved by 4 years (making my health age as 35!) if I gained a bit of weight. (I have a BMI in the underweight category).  But I have always been super skinny and I feel ‘normal’ at my weight. It is good to keep in mind that these health applications are tools. The best is to use them giving honest answers and talk to a Bupa health professional or your GP if you have questions about the results.


I then went into another application, the BMI calculator, again easy to use because you can plug in your values in both metric or pounds (like this a lot).  BMI is an important indicator of weight, but it is important to use a wide variety of these applications to get a full picture of your overall health.


I played around looking at the other apps, some you must register to find out your report, but all of them are free, seem easy to use and clear.


The Bupa applications also provide tips and techniques on ways to reduce stress, alcohol consumption and smoking. They give guidance on fitness programs and how to eat healthier. By using the apps, you can address areas of improvement or pat yourself on the back on the areas you are doing well. Check out Bupa’s website as use the applications yourself. They are easy tools for anyone over 18 to use. These online applications are available free of charge and are simple to understand.


I am delighted to find these online tools that I can direct my readers to. This article is an unbiased review of these health applications. This article is published on this blog as a sponsored article and would give valued readers an opinion on using Bupa’s online health tools. I would be paid by through Bupa public awareness campaign to do this. And that is what this article is: a sponsored post. I wanted to state this clearly and to reassure readers that I try to be very ‘ethical’ with what I write. Ethical with the products, books and websites that I support. I promote products and ideas with the belief that they can help you on your road towards good health. I believe that Bupa’s Helping You Find Healthy health tools are a good resource to help readers towards better health. The small amount of money I receive through promoting these products and sponsored posts goes towards the maintenance of the website.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this article or other queries about health related issues.



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  1. domiciliary care August 1, 2012 at 17:38 #

    I personally believe info regarding exactly how to obtain health care services needs to be made a lot more easily available to the general population. I personally found it extremely tough to identify a dependable local care home for my grandad not too long ago. CQC have been of very little help as were social services. I also had a tough time figuring out care fees.


  1. Dist. Ind. HLF - June 14, 2012

    Helping You Find Healthy – Preventive health just became easier with 'Helping You Find Healthy' free online health a…

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