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Teaching Your Kids About Health Is Often A Team Effort

Creative Commons License photo credit: greg westfall.
Some parents are great at teaching their kids to clean up their things…(I’m not :()Some parents are great at teaching their kids good manners (I’m trying my best! :))…but…I can tell you that I do feel great at teaching my kids to live healthy!
LIVE HEALTHY? How can we teach our kids to LIVE HEALTHY? Don’t they teach that in school? (By the way, do they teach healthy living in school in America/England)? Because in France my kids don’t get too much schoolwork on healthy living)…BUT…just like the tools we give our children to learn to clean up after themselves or be polite…we, as parents or caregivers must also teach our kids the tools to LIVE HEALTHY!
Let me explain…

Being healthy isn’t just about NOT being sick…it is a state of wellbeing…of relatively constant good diet, exercise, mental health. As parents, we are the role models for our is to us that they look for the examples, the advice, guidance. Teaching them to live healthy is something just as important (or even more in my opinion) than being neat or good manners. Why? Because learning to live healthy becomes even more critical as your children move into adulthood and are on their own and responsible for their own behaviors.

How Can we Teach Our Kids to Live Healthy?

Teaching your kids to live healthy is a constant work in progress, starting from their birth and continuing until they leave home. It isn’t easy to do, yet, I believe it is one of the most important aspects of their upbringing. Why? Because teaching and living healthy will help prevent those lifestyle related diseases such as stroke, diabetes and heart disease which pop up in adulthood. Being physically healthy helps to keep a good mental health too.
Now, you are probably thinking..yeah, OK, I am going to try and change the way my kids live while I am struggling to balance our lives with work, activities, homework or perhaps just surviving. That is why you must keep tuned in, because I am going to show you how it can be possible…how living healthy doesn’t always mean eating organic food and taking your kids on hour long walks…that each family, each situation is different and healthy living goals objectives are not the same from each child to the next.  But, with the main goal…HEALTHY LIVING!
So, stay in touch…over the next period I am going to focus on healthy living from infancy to late teenage years…I hope to give you some ideas on how to do this, take your suggestions, offer solutions and encourage even small changes..because small changes are better than none!

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5 Responses to Teaching Your Kids About Health Is Often A Team Effort

  1. Mrs C! July 23, 2012 at 11:46 #

    Hi Mary,

    So refreshing to read your blog on trying to get kids to eat healthily. Keep up the good work.

    I have been visiting schools with my book and a bag of veggies and I have managed to encourage some of the less enthusiastic children to try them…and guess what? They enjoyed them! Brilliant!

    • mbrighton July 23, 2012 at 17:23 #

      Hi Mrs C! Keep up the great work too! Best in health, Mary

  2. mbrighton January 20, 2010 at 15:22 #

    L’Anglais…you are right!!! good idea for kids…do you know that some kids do not know that french fries (or chips in your country) come from potatoes or that milk comes from a cow? We need to try and help our kids live “close” to the earth by doing gardening with them, cooking with them, eating locally…these things, as you said can actually save money in the long run…and teach our children so many precious things…

  3. L'Anglais January 20, 2010 at 14:45 #

    Healthy living starts with cherry tomatoes! So easy to grow, out in the fresh air with the kids. A great snack – straight off the plant – which tastes so much better than the rubbish from the supermarket. Our kids love them. Oh, and its organic, environmentally friendly and saves you money.
    Once you have mastered cherry tomatoes, try raspberries etc.
    Gardening may be a grandad sort of thing in some peoples minds, but it ticks all the right boxes.

  4. Dad January 17, 2010 at 18:04 #

    Good subject. Knowing from experience its very hard to steer kids in the right direction. There are too many “temptations” outside of home. You just have to hope the principles of a healthy lifestyle will eventually be part of their habits.

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