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Her Amazing Journey Of Change Through a 175 Pound Weight Loss

Believing in what seems impossible is half the battle to get there

This is such an inspiration story of a woman who transformed her life through lifestyle changes. Her new diet and exercise plans over the last seven years have resulted in an amazing 175 pound weight loss. Her journey through this process was done strictly by her own will, determination, listening to her body and focusing on nutrition and fitness. She follows the values that we try to promote here on BrightonYourHealth. For this reason, we are honored that she has agreed to share her story with us.  Read her journey of change, a guest post by Jeanie J.

Jeanie before weight loss

My Journey of Change

“Change”, the dictionary definition of change is make the form, nature, content, future content, etc., of something different from what it is or what it would be if left alone.   What motivates that change?  The determining factor could depend on the circumstance, lifestyle, environment, and background of any one’s individual situation.  In terms of weight loss and improving one’s health, motivating self for that may seem nearly impossible but comprehensible. The intention, the desire, and the willing spirit to try may always be first and foremost in the mind.  It usually is the motivating factor that becomes action, which would define that word, “change”.  There it is, the definition of lifestyle change success: motivation and action. Seems simple enough right? Then why is it so difficult to accomplish with success for most people?  I have a theory about this, I believe most people become weary, and lose their focus because they do not see the results fast enough and then the “change” becomes too difficult for them. Sometimes an individual sees falling back into old habits easier than going forward with the new ones.  I have to say with proven results, that a true lifestyle change, whether it is a significant weight loss or just a healthier way to live is not impossible to believe in, to hope for, and to accomplish. A true change comes in time through consistent determination, motivation, and action.

My change

I have slowly over the last seven years, implemented a healthier lifestyle.  I have lost 175 pounds to date and have made a complete turnaround in terms of my health and outlook on life.  No, it did not happen overnight and I made adjustments little by little. I also have a natural tendency to get overwhelmed easily, so I made a decision in the beginning to take things at a slow pace, all the while staying consistent throughout this change. The difference it has made has been literally the difference between life and death for me.  Before my weight loss, I was a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic. I had borderline high cholesterol and blood pressure.  I also had a battle with fertility and hormone problems. Prior to this, I did conceive and had a son through some weight loss and fertility treatments. The underlying problem was not solved though.   I was morbidly obese with health problems that could have shortened my lifespan considerably. The only way out of it was reversing the damage and being aware of what I had done to my body through years of ignoring what I had become.

Reversing the damage and becoming aware

In 2005 I started making slow changes to my diet and started an exercise routine.  At that time, I had many medical issues and orthopedic problems due to my excess weight. The only thing I could accomplish was walking on a treadmill and watching my calorie intake. I did my best at the time. As you look at your situation, at your health condition, at your medical problems and other factors, you have to determine what your best is and what you can be and do in that moment. I never worried about what was beyond my horizon but as I moved forward, I began to see further into it. By the end of 2006, I had lost 50 pounds. Throughout that 18 month span, the awareness of what I had to do and how I had to do it started to develop.  My physical change was visible but as that was happening, something was developing internally:  my personal outlook was changing. I can say yes, of course, I had better confidence, I felt accomplished, and my self-esteem and self-worth were boosted by my new outside appearance.  I truly believe it was more than that though, it was better nutrition too. I was feeding my body what it needed to do its job correctly. Our bodies need the right kind of nutrients through healthy eating to boost metabolism, eliminate toxins, and make exercise much more efficient. In simple terms, we are what we eat! If we drive cars and maintain them with the right oil, correct fuel, and general correct upkeep, we will have a car that will last.  What happens if we don’t? It will break down! The same concept is true with our bodies, feed it correctly, give it water, and exercise and it will last.   We have much more worth than the terrible diet of processed foods, candy, and sodas that so many people live off of. Think of it in terms of self-respect, WHAT are you worth? WHAT do you deserve to make you feel and look your best? I believe if those thoughts are there with you, every time you grab a snack or sit down to a meal, you will notice an incredible difference over time because the awareness is there.

Moving forward

The old saying “time will tell” had never rang more true than it did for me between 2007 and 2009. I continued to stay consistent with my exercise routine and healthy eating plan. I gradually built and integrated more positive changes into my exercise routine. I lost 125 pounds in these 2 years. My frame of mind had changed and the old I ceased to exist. I have since had another child in 2010 and have worked to lose my pregnancy weight, and strengthen my body from a caesarean section. I am also a certified personal fitness trainer. I believe that morbid obesity can be reversed. I believe our thought patterns can be positively changed for our benefit. I believe that most people can accomplish this with a little work and having a positive attitude about it.  My main goal in life now is to help those where I was, to help through sharing my story or by guiding them through an exercise routine in one on one gym session.  My weight loss / healthier lifestyle journey is never-ending. I still have goals to accomplish. I still have things to tweak and tune up; as I should put it, but isn’t that what it is all about? Continuous upkeep! Trying to be the best you can be for you and your loved ones.

Jeanie today, 175 pounds lighter

Jeanie Jones Robinson is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. She is employed with Spears Family YMCA in Greensboro, NC. She is an independent personal trainer as well, accepting clients from North Charlotte to and throughout the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina. Follow Jeanie on twitter or read her blog at dontweightbehealthier.

If you also have an inspirational story to share about your personal journey towards good health, we would love to hear about it. Contact me here: 

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