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Homeopathy Medicine: What Do The Letters and Numbers Mean?

Homeopathy Letters and Numbers on the Plastic Vials are Different in Europe


Homeopathy is commonly used alternative medicine here in Europe. Homeopathy is also used in the UK, USA and it actually widely available worldwide. But have you ever been confused on exactly what the letters and numbers mean on the plastic small vials?  And that the numbers and letters on the vials ( 30C, or 12X for example) are not the same from one part of the world to another?

Homeopathy Letters and Numbers Explained

On homeopathy plastic colored vials, the number indicates the number of times the product has been diluted.  The letter is the dilution rate.

In Europe, the letter comes before the number.  In the United States this is reversed, the number comes before the letter.

In the United States Homeopathy Uses Roman Letters

In America Roman letters show the dilution rates for homeopathy.

The following letters are used:   X,C,M,LM  whereby X=1/10, C= 1/100, M= 1/1000, LM= 1/50,000.

In Europe Letters are D or C.

D on the European vials is the same as X in America, C on European vials is the same as the American C.

What do the Homeopathy Numbers Mean?

The number, such as 6,9,15, indicates how much the remedy has been diluted. The numbers are labeled on the bottles next to the letters.

As an example: D5 or D15 in Europe is equivalent to 5X and 15X in on the American bottles.

Letters Can Show the Dilution Method Used

Homeopathy is based on the law of dilutions. There are two methods used for the dilution process: The Hahnemann Method (H) or the Korsakovian Method (K).

You will see CH and CK, with the H and K indicating the dilution method used.

The Hahnemann method uses 1 part of the homeopathic cure to 99 parts of alcohol in a new flask . While in the Korsakovian method the same container is used for each progression of the dilution process.

These letters and numbers can be confusing for the layperson. For those who use homeopathic medicine as a treatment for acute or chronic illness or conditions, it is important to know the meaning behind the letters and numbers and how they translate from one country to another. It is best to have a homeopath practitioner prescribe the exact dosage in the country the medicine will be purchased.

I do believe that homeopathy is a valid, albeit controversial alternative medicine. Please read my latest article on how homeopathy medicine is widely available in France and my story on how it helped my son cure his excema.

Or for more information on homeopathy and how it can potentially help your family, here is a book by a well-known homeopathic doctor, Dana Ulmann:

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Warmly, Mary

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    what does the letter A on a white homeopathic tablet mean?

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