How My Daughter Got Over Her Nutella Addiction


Nutella Addiction: A Worldwide Problem

This is a true story about my then 10-year-old daughter and her Nutella addiction. Don’t tell her this article is written about her and her Nutella phase, she really dislikes when I talk about her. Are all preteens like this? The result is that my daughter tackled her addiction in a unique way. Check it out!

Your daughter absolutely LOVES Nutella.

Really? I didn’t know that. We don’t have it at home, we have peanut butter instead.

Well, she ate 5 slices of bread with Nutella smeared on it for the snack this afternoon.

Oh my god, I thought, that is a lot of bread and Nutella. What is this stuff? I just know it as sugar laden nutty creamy filled with preservatives marketed as healthy food to kids-stuff. (BTW: Check out this link to an article on the false nutritional images of Nutella. It really isn’t what the Nutella company tries to promote it as: healthy).

Here it is a week later…

We are back to another house to pick my dear daughter from a sleepover birthday party.  A new mom says:

Wow, for breakfast this morning your skinny daughter couldn’t stop eating Nutella on bread.  I had to stop her, thought she was going to be sick. 

Oh, la, la…

On the drive home from the party I prod my daughter with questions:

I didn’t know you love Nutella so much.  Do you miss it at home?  We never buy it, just because it is not in our cultural habits, nor something that I consider an especially healthy snack or breakfast. Do you want me to buy you some? (Could she tell I was concerned?)

Yes Mom…Please Please….Buy the Nutella. I hate having a dietitian mom sometimes, you can be so strict with foods, always have to be healthy.

Better back off a bit.  Get the Nutella. Be more flexible. Buy more junk food. Don’t want the kids overdosing on these “forbidden” foods at their friend’s houses. Really, I swear, I just don’t know what this Nutella stuff is. Going to make an effort.

The Cure For Nutella Addict:  More and More

The cure for her addiction? Pots and pots of Nutella.  Bought one large pot.  It was gone in a week. My daughter had 2 slices of bread and Nutella every morning for a week.  The snack in the afternoon was the same.  Second week started the same way.  Halfway during the second week the pot stayed closed. Hmmmm. Hey, dearest daughter, do you want me to get you “your Nutella” for breakfast this morning?

Don’t like it very much anymore Mom. 

By the third week she hated the stuff.  Well, at least she had no more desire to consume large quantities of Nutella. The third pot of Nutella had to be thrown away. It was starting to go bad.  (Who knows with that stuff, the shelf life.  The pot had passed its date of expiration).

So, stopped buying Nutella. No one eats it anymore. Still buy the peanut butter. Trying to be flexible.

Thinking about doing the same experiment with my middle daughter. She is wildly addicted to pieces of baguette bread. Is there a baguette addiction cure?  French toast for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, bread soup for dinner. Do that for a week or more and see if that cures her addiction. Haha.  (Just kidding).

What do they put in that Nutella stuff to make kids (and some adults) addicted?  Because doing a quick google search putting in Nutella addiction showed that my oldest daughter was not the only one in this dilemma. Read this wikipedia article on Nutella for more information.
And you?  Reading this? Do you suffer from a semi-addiction to Nutella?  Or baguette?  Peanut butter?  Tell us your story in the comment section.  For sure, you are not the only one.

Update:  Ferraro, maker of Nutella, has settled a class action suit brought by a California mom who believed that Nutella was marketed as healthy, when it isn’t.  I am thinking of starting a class action suit in France (LOL) because I believe the same biased marketing practices are happening here. Read my article “Why Not a French Class Action Suit Against Nutella?

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Mary Brighton

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33 Responses to “How My Daughter Got Over Her Nutella Addiction”

  1. I tried nutella 2 days back at my sister’s home and immediately got hooked to it. i finished off the whole jar in one go. And still was carving for it.(Generally i get easily addicted to food which my taste pallet approves:) ). And while going back to my home i got 1 more jar. My mom found out i was addicted to it immediately because i was talking to her about it non stoppingly. She said,”If u really like it, i will get u 1 more jar after finishing this jar.”. she played reverse psychology (Usually when my mom said OK for anything i will lose the interest and if she said no, i will be adamant to get it. I know i sound like spoiled brat. But believe me i’m 22 and it still works that way ). And just like that i lost my interest in nutella:( There goes my nutella, sleeping in my fridge.

  2. Ilovenutella May 28, 2013 at 01:53 Reply

    I love Nutella! Ok, so sometimes I get cravings for things, but I can’t stop eating nutella. Once I get a taste, I can eat the whole jar. I eat it with cookies, in crepes, with fruit, and with practically anything. I am trying to lose weight, so my addiction is not helping. Today I ate a whole jar in total, but when I checked the scale, I had lost weight? Well, I need help quitting. When I have a party and there is Nutella, I eat a ton of it and my friends stop after they eat only a little. How can they do it? Do I have a medical problem or something? I need help quitting this addiction so I can lose weight, and if I eat a ton like your daughter did, I will gain weight and it will make me depressed. Help!

    • Dear I Love Nutella,
      You are not the only one suffering from this addiction. In your case I would recommend trying very hard not to buy this treasured cream. The cure my daughter used (eating too much of it and getting tired of it) doesn’t seem to work in your case. Good luck! Let us know how things are going in a few weeks.

  3. ILoveNutellaTOOIt'sCrazy! June 21, 2013 at 18:03 Reply

    Hi! So when I was younger we never ever really had Nutella at home, until I got into my teenage years and all of a sudden this definition of “all I ever wanted” showed up in our kitchen. I must say, I had always loved chocolate and I was eating controlled doses just because my mom knew how bad I loved chocolate and she would hide them from me-She still hides all the chocolates and Nutella and I am 22 years old. I do not suffer from obesity and I am fine with my weight but the thing is that when I really liked chocolate I didn’t really like other foods. Over the years, I have educated myself so much about good foods and the healing power of food and the richness in natural food and basically I’m obsessed with clean eating. … in the meantime my obsession for chocolate has not decreased the slightest bit, but even worse I am labelled as a chocolate monster among my friends and family so I feel it my duty to finish any edible form of chocolate lol .. no actually I’m pretty picky .. I only like chocolate like just chocolate (squares) no cream or caramel or coconut and chocolate covered mint patty or other stuff …

    I loved it when chocolate melted in the heat when it was left in my bag (people think it’s gross) so I used to microwave the squares .. until I found Nutella! That’s why it’s all I ever wanted. Anyways … as I was saying with my growing obsession over clean eating … I now eat more real food (in comparison to my diet of mostly chocolate and not really a lot of other food when I was younger) so with my increased consumption of both categories, I’m feeling that this chocolate is going to finally settle on my thighs and stomach … somewhere … it’s gonna turn into fat. I can control my eating habits for most things, but I just hate how helpless I feel towards this brown creamy spread. I try educating myself about why it is so bad … but pray for me. I hate being controlled by food. … this powerless soul-less piece of matter that shuts down my brain power uuuukhhh.. I could eat a whole jar but I use a lot of psychology on myself to stop it … I wish I could stop being obsessed about it and consume it like a normal person. And my mom just keeps buying the stuff … she hides it but I know all the hiding spots so the explained strategy of always having a supply of Nutella is not working with me I guess…

    • Hello “I Love Nutella Too It is Crazy!” . I sympathize with your Nutella addiction. I see that you are trying very hard to stay away from it and you cannot, and this makes you worried and feel guilty. I am sure at some point it will go away-this addiction, so just continue with all the healthy eating you do for balance and give yourself a break. My (now) 14 year old daughter is like you, she also asks me to hide the chocolate-not easy for her, and I can help her control her love of chocolate. The other option is to buy more organic and healthier versions of Nutella, which you can find in health food stores. Good luck and thanks so much for commenting! Sorry for the delay in getting back with you-we have been traveling for a few days.
      Warmly, Mary

    • I’ve been addicted to Nutella for 15 years and I still am.

  4. I thought this was a cute story. I wish I could get sick of Nutella. I’m at my boyfriend’s house and they have a huge pot of Nutella and I can’t stay away from it. It’s there in the cupboard, taunting me, lurking in the corner of my consciousness…


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