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French inspired infusion mint herbal tea

French Inspired Infusion Mint Herb Tea

french inspired infused mint herb tea

Mint leaves from my garden

Sometimes the most simple hot drinks can be the most cleansing

Hot water and fresh mint leaves and ten minutes.

2 ingredients and 10 minutes. How simple. How cleansing. How rehydrating and so verrrrrry Frenchy.

This simple hot drink, often made with different types of leaves, herbs, roots, flowers or seeds, is served after a big meal or just because and it is one of the basics in the French drink culture. Do you know this celebrated herbal tea?

In French, it is called a Tisane and it is made by a process called:

Infusion un thé infusion aux herbes

The best part about this infusion drink? It is trés healthy. Depending on the base of what is infused, a tisane brings some type of health benefit.

For this tisane drink I used mint or menthe in French. Mint is parfait for an after dinner drink because its special properties help aide digestion. Plus, if you grow mint in your garden, you often have an abundance of this plant (mint is easy to grow and over takes its growing space) and using mint in your tisane is a ideal way to use some of it up.

For these reasons, an Infusion Mint Herb Tea was my choice to add to this month’s recipe challenge.

Recipe ReDux Theme is Drinks

This month’s Recipe ReDux challenge is on a wonderful topic: drinks. We all need to stay hydrated, why not with some good tasting and healthy drinks? (Check out my fellow ReDuxers drink recipe’s below).

My original thoughts were to present you with an alcoholic drink (oh là là why not?) and I had an idea to expand on a Black Velvet drink, a mix of Guinness and champagne.

I did try making one. I found it dégueulasse (horrible tasting) and a waste of champagne and Guinness. Only my opinion, maybe you have a different one?

I like simple. Good ingredients. Not complicated. Which brought me back to another idea. Mint Tisane. Infusion de menthe. What a ‘hot’ way to finish a meal and feel good after.

Here is why.

Health Benefits of Drinking Mint Tea (Especially After a Big Meal)

  • Helps digestion and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Decreases heartburn, nausea, ingestion
  • Helps with relaxation
  • Cold and Flu Remedy
  • Other benefits listed in this article such as asthma relief, depression and fatigue, skin care

Have I convinced you to try French Inspired Infused Mint Herbal Tea? Here is how you make one:

How to Make French Mint Infusion Herbal Tea (with story included)

The first time I saw a French infusion herbal tea I was confused and then amazed. It all happened at a the end of a big dinner at a friend’s house. Our host asked,

Who would like an infusion?

All of us. That night a verveine infusion was offered.

Our host went to the big bush planted next to where we were dining outside and picked about 20 leaves off the bush. Off to the kitchen he went. He washed the leaves and put them into a casserole with water. He let the water come to a boil. He turned off the heat and let the leaves infuse (cannot rush this part) for 10 minutes. And then he strained the tisane over four separate bowls. And voila. Served hot. With optional sugar on the side.

Infusion for 4.

Didn’t get that?

Here are the details on how to make your own mint infusion. Why not go out to your garden and pick some mint leaves that are over taking your herbal space? You can also make this infusion, let it cool, and drink it cold for a refreshing drink on a hot day.

French Inspired Infusion Mint Herb Tea

  1. Pick or buy a bunch of (ideally organic) mint leaves from your garden (or farmer’s market, or grocery store). Wash them well.french inspired infused mint herb tea
  2. Boil enough water in either a casserole or a whistling tea pot for the amount of persons having tea. Count 12 ounces of water for each person.French inspired infusion mint herbal tea
  3. In either a tea-pot or the casserole, put the clean mint leaves to infuse (their flavors and healthy properties to come out). Do not use an aluminum pot to infuse your herbs. French inspired infusion mint herbal tea
  4. Cover the casserole or tea pot and let mint leaves infuse for 10 minutes. French inspired infusion mint herbal tea
  5. When tea has infused, pour the tisane (without the mint leaves) into big mugs or like the French do, into bowls and serve immediately.French inspired infusion mint herbal tea
  6. Optional: added sugar or honey, as taste preference. (Best to drink infused mint herb tea without added sweetener, but if you need that added sweet touch, add a small amount of sugar or honey).

Let me know what you think! Hope you like this drink idea. If you do, would appreciate if you share it.

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