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BrightonYourHealth Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Creative Commons License photo credit: Spunkr.

January 2, 2011…One year ago this website-blog started with no expectations….just hopes that its message could touch even one person to reflect on how their lifestyle, their physical and mental wellbeing, their eating and exercise habits have an influence on their personal health.  To motivate even one person, one parent, one spouse or one young adult to reflect on how their personal nutritional choices affect their quality of life and life expectancy.  Hopefully, just one person to not ignore the fact that their mental and physical wellbeing has an affect on their entourage… their partners, their family, their close friends.  When we are well, everyone benefits…when we are not physically well at all…this is a significant stress for those around us.  You cannot understand this until you experience it for yourself, what it is like to be a caregiver or just a loving family member for someone close to you who is very ill.  Finally, I was hoping that the messages written could inspire readers into a type of Personal Health Reform, to not expect doctors or the medical system to “take care of us”, we must do this for ourselves, but with the cooperation of competent medical professionals. 

This website started a year ago, unfortunately after a very difficult situation in which my dad had a major stroke at a young age (65 years old).  I believe that all terrible events have positive underlyings…for sure on a personal level this website is one of those positive outcomes.  My father’s illness, the situation leading to his stroke (not taking of himself, not seeing doctors, ignoring physical signs of health problems) has pushed and fueled my passion into these writings over the last year.  Could any reader reflect on his story and prevent for themselves what my dad and my family went through and is still going through because of not taking care of his health (despite many efforts from my mom to make him aware of what he was doing)?

This blog project has help me in a constructive way to encourage anyone who will listen to TAKE BETTER CARE OF THEMSELVES!  If not for you, for those who care about you.  If you are lucky to feel cared about and supported then you should respect that and make efforts to live a long, productive life.  This website would have never happened if I didn’t have this feeling of having people believe in me, support me, from family and very close friends.  This support that helps me feel positive about myself, that this idea could happen, that my ideas could become a reality.  You need a big ego and no doubts about yourself when you venture into new projects and swim into unventured waters…! For those close to me who helped me believe in myself, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Besides, it has been a super fun project, a great brain stimulator, a fantastic way to have ideas and see them transform into reality on the internet! 

A year ago this blog truly only had two objectives:  that it would function during the year as a normal website and not breakdown (it didn’t!) and that the articles appearing during the year could touch just one person..this would make me feel that I have met the objectives laid out for 2010.  Over the year I have had some very special feedback; one particular reader told me “You are my angel” after some nutritional advice.  Readers have also asked me if I could offer paid nutritional counseling.  This is also nice and to offer this service is one of my objectives for 2011!  Readers have supported my work, have visited, have tweeted about it..Hey, I feel that it has been a great success for me personally because I had NO expectations on what would happen!  Despite no expectations, over the past year there were 5801 visits, 10, 482 page views from 88 countries, including every state in America to www.brightonyourhealth.  And, 75% of readers were new visitors! 

No expectations…so no disappointments (great philosophy someone told me about that I still use!).  And still feeling so motivated for 2011…The objectives have expanded a bit.  I hope to connect a virtual business card website to this blog for those who would like personal nutritional/lifestyle counseling.  Plus more articles, more views from an open European perspective…more ideas from a dietitian who believes in pleasure eating and balanced lifestyle!  So, keep reading, comment on anything you find interesting, wrong, right…or just want to put in your two cents.  I do listen and care about what you say!  Until then, Buon Appetito & Bon Appetit~!

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4 Responses to BrightonYourHealth Celebrates One Year Anniversary

  1. Carolyn January 11, 2011 at 00:09 #

    Mare, I’m so proud of you for fulfilling your vision!! And the growth on your site proves how valuable you are to the world: 88 countries and every state in the US!!!! That is sooooooo impressive. May your words reach further and wider in 2011 and touch many more lives!! To good health and spirits!! Car xo

    • mbrighton January 11, 2011 at 08:41 #

      Dear Car! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. Yes, let’s toast to good health and spirits! Hoping to continue to reach more and more in 2011. Blessings,

  2. Debby January 7, 2011 at 02:54 #

    Congratulations Mary on your first anniversary and such brilliant unexpected success!

    I’m looking forward to many more informative and from-the-heart articles!

    Be well in Pau,


  3. Greg January 3, 2011 at 01:29 #

    Congrats on one year!!!
    Many blessings- Greg

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