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Live Healthy Means Key Role Models are Parents and Caregivers

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“V” ital role models are the parents and caregivers; the next installment in LI”V”E HEALTHY with your children. “Walk the talk” as they say, actions speak louder than words. 

Do you want your kids to live healthy?  You have to do the same. Parents, caregivers, teachers, anyone to whom kids look up to…the best message on good health is to live it yourself.  Even for health professionals, like me, we need to “walk the talk” and promote our messages through our own actions.  And, our appearance, whether it is fair or not, counts a lot for the advice that we give.  Here is an interesting blog article  that shows exactly this point.  In the post, the author shows a video of an overweight dietitian giving advice on healthy snacks.  Most people who commented said they don’t value advice from health professionals (or any work professional) who doesn’t “walk the talk.”  Whether you believe this or not, the strongest message a parent, caregiver (or health professional!) can give on good health has to come from actions first. 

Children benefit from eating  “5 a Day” fruits and vegetables…We parents should too…Children benefit from daily physical activity..We should too and so on.  LIVE HEALTHY….with positive actions that start from you.  These messages count so much more than we think, especially for young children.   

I also feel, even if I don’t want to admit it, that appearance does have effect on the message that health and work professionals send.  That overweight dietitian in the video; does her audience think about her advice or are they thinking about why doesn’t it work for her?  This isn’t fair to judge someone on their appearance, yet all of us do it from time to time.  Parents and caregivers, we are being “judged” by our appearance and actions by our children…much more than we think.

What are some ways that you are a role model for good health for your children?  Has anyone quit smoking because their children asked them to?  Started a regular exercise program to motivate their kids ?  Let me know your ideas on what you did to get your kids to LIVE HEALTHY…

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