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BrightonYourHealth is a health, wellness and food blog based in France, written by Mary Brighton, an American dietitian nutritionist, who lives in France and travels (and eats as often as she can) in Italy.

I hope you will find some valuable articles on good health, healthy recipes, wellness and weight loss tips. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. If you like what you see, I greatly appreciate sharing the articles with friends and family and subscribe to our newsletter for up-to-date trustworthy health information and articles on France, Italy and America’s Jersey Shore.

Here is a sample of articles on the blog. Take a read around, connect and let me know your story.

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French Kings Cake

Galette Des Rois French Kings Cake Has Delicious Traditions

The French brought Galette des Rois French Kings Cake to New Orleans in 1688. Discover how the French still enjoy this cake served with a hidden charm. Contact mbrighton at Post Modified on January 6, 2017Share This230101 Related posts: French Chocolate Cake or Gateau au Chocolat French Recipes From a French School Lunch Program, […]

baked belgium endive

Baked Belgium Endive Milano Style

Belgium meets France meets Italy in this easy to make citrus infused baked endive dish. Perfect as a side for meat or add crumbled cheese for a main meal. Contact mbrighton at Post Modified on December 26, 2016Share This000000 Related posts: Italian Style Zucchini Flowers Stuffed With Ricotta Tomato Cream Carrots Vichy Style Recipe […]

Chocolate's health benefits

Chocolate’s Health Benefits: The Top 10 Health Reasons To Indulge

Is chocolate healthy for you? Ah, oui! Chocolate has high healthy benefits, darker chocolate the best. A good reason to let go and indulge on Le Chocolat! Contact mbrighton at Post Modified on December 14, 2016Share This42922101 Related posts: A Real French Hot Chocolate Is A Chocolat Chaud for the Heart Why The Health […]

French women don't get fat

French Women Diet Tip: Drinking Wine To Stay Thin?

It isn’t completely true that French women don’t get fat, but could something be in wine that helps French gain less weight than those in other cultures? Contact mbrighton at Post Modified on December 1, 2016Share This21110101 Related posts: French Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health:Water or Wine? French Ways to Eat […]

protein power bowls

South America Meets China: Tofu, Quinoa, Spinach Protein Power Bowl

This recipe for protein power bowl blends tofu,sesame seeds and quinoa. It’s the perfect high on taste look that will please your favorite vegetarian. Contact mbrighton at Post Modified on October 24, 2016Share This100626101 Related posts: Moroccan Tomato Jam With Sesame Seeds Vegetarian Corn and Black Bean Salsa Recipe Vegetarian Spinach Lunch Squares Feed […]

how french kids eat

French School Lunch: Look At What French Kids Eat During Tasting Week

French Semaine du Goût Tasting Week and French School Lunch Menus: an example of how French kids eat fresh, local, varied, balanced and tasty school lunches. Contact mbrighton at Post Modified on October 13, 2016Share This1736000 Related posts: French Tasting Week Includes More Than Wine And Cheese French School Lunch and Tasting Week: A […]

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