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20 realistic weight loss, health and fitness tips

20 Realistic Weight Loss, Fitness and Health Goals For Your New Year

20 Weight Loss, Fitness and Health Goals
Are you ready to dive into a new year?

I am.

And I am here writing the blog, hoping to support you with 20 realistic ways to lose weight, get fit and reach your good health goals for this New Year’s resolution.  These are tips I recommend to my clients who are trying to get healthier, fit and lose weight.

So dive in and reach the other side of the pool.

These tips require commitment and do not have any quick fixes, but that is why you are going to make your  New Year’s resolution to get healthier work for you. Because you are ready to commit for the long-term (almost like a marriage!). Right?

Are you ready? Dive in and leave me feedback below on any tips that I missed.

For successful long-term health, fitness and weight loss strategies here are my favorite methods.

These are not written in any order you should follow. Dive into a few and keep going.

Print out your copy of the 20 realistic weight loss, fitness and health goals. Pin them up somewhere. Put a copy in your wallet.

Be strong! This year you can do it.

20 Realistic Weight Loss, Fitness and Health Goals

  1. Think long-term goals and aim for small changesThere are no quick fixes for dieting or getting fit.
  2. Get a dieting and fitness buddy (friend, partner) to be a support for each other. Don’t let each other down. Stick to your commitment to each other to keep your workout appointments.
  3. Look deeply in yourself and be honest. Why haven’t you gotten fit or dieted with success before?  Write these reasons down and use them to help plan a successful long-term diet and fitness plan that works for you.
  4. Add a physical activity component to your long-term health and fitness plan.  All health and weight loss strategies should include some regular exercise.
  5. Recognize your emotional links to food:  such as eating because of too much daily stress, or boredom or sadness.  Connect your eating habits that are not linked to hunger, but from trying to fill an emotional need. Write down your emotional links. Make copies. Keep these links close to you and recognize your emotional eating habits and try to break them. If they are too difficult to change, ask for professional help.
  6. Listen to your hunger-full cues: eat when you are hungry and stop eating when slightly full.
  7. Plan and organize a weekly or bi-monthly diet and fitness menu with workout schedules. Put these menus and workouts in your agenda, your smart phone or computer. Make copies. Stick copies on the refrigerator, at work, in the car and stick to your plan. Make it a priority that you refuse to let a busy lifestyle change.
  8. Recognize stress as what it is: a hidden health killer, a blood pressure raiser, an immune system destroyer. Find stress releasing activities: yoga, meditation, soft music, reading poetry or just living simpler to help decrease stress.
  9. Make your eating environment a relaxing one. When you eat, sit down at a table. Try to embrace your eating environment as a sacred place. If your desk or car are not sacred, don’t eat there.
  10. Live without deprivation:  Don’t deprive yourself on eating the foods you love. Unless you have a medical issue, almost any food can fit into a healthy eating plan. If you need help in finding how all foods can fit into your diet, consult with a dietitian. We are experts in this field.
  11. Eat close to the earth as possible:  more fruits and vegetables, less processed foods, less foods that have traveled long distances to get on your plate.
  12. Have easy access to healthy snacks. Eat health options such as fruit and nuts when you need to just get something in your stomach.
  13. Be in touch with your body and treat it as it should be:  a sacred temple.
  14. Do not let the weather stop you from your goals.  Buy the correct work out gear and equipment for different weather and sports. You will feel more motivated if you have the right pair of shoes or clothing to workout in.
  15. If you are serious about successful dieting and getting fit, be seriously ready to make some changes in your lifestyle. Without this commitment to change, dieting and fitness goals are less likely to be successful long-term.
  16. Strive for a good mental state:  we are healthier in our mental state when our body is physically fit and vice verso. If you are not feeling well mentally, this will hold you back from reaching your health goals.
  17. Push yourself to the fitness limit: getting really physically fit  pushes the body and brain to want to eat healthier and stick better to your diet.
  18. Feel prepared for all emotions! Getting healthy, getting fit, staying healthy, staying fit, losing weight and losing inches are all big achievements! Celebrate your small and then big goals.
  19. Sleep and get enough sleep!
  20. Love yourself and who you are with.

Wishing you all the success towards meeting your health goals! Don’t give up on your resolutions. Make this year the year it is going to happen.

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9 Responses to 20 Realistic Weight Loss, Fitness and Health Goals For Your New Year

  1. Nabil Ali April 8, 2013 at 17:41 #

    finally a complete view of fitness.. its not jst starvation or popping pills … its a mental and physical view of the problem.. very interesting article.

  2. Free Weights Shop January 20, 2012 at 18:35 #

    All amazing! As a lifestyle coach and fitness instructor I tend towards the fitness component, but there is so much more here that needs to be addressed and everyone is so different. This is a great list. I’m going to make a copy for my classes.

    • mbrighton January 21, 2012 at 21:58 #

      Thanks for your comment! Let me know how the feedback is going with your clients.

  3. Peter January 5, 2012 at 12:11 #

    I am not really experienced in health and fitness but I like to do fitness and watch over my health but it really is hard if you don’t know what you are doing. So this blog has helped me a lot and I learn a lot of things here. Thanks for sharing!


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