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Privacy Policy

Your Privacy Is Important to BrightonYourHealth

BrightonYourHealth respects the privacy of users of this site. We will never rent, sell or share your personal information. There are cases where BrightonYourHealth may ask you for personal information such as your e-mail address. We do this when you register for services that require registration or subscription. If you choose to provide personal information, as in an e-mail on our contact page or by filling out a form to subscribe to our newsletter and updates, that information is only used to respond to your message and to send you BrightonYourHealth newsletter and updates. The information you provide is never given to any private organizations. BrightonYourHealth does not collect information for commercial marketing. If through our correspondence through the website any health data is collected by BrightonYourHealth that you submit voluntarily, the data shall be processed in accordance with the legal requirements  on privacy protection in relation to health and personal information that apply in Europe (Regulation 45/2001), where BrightonYourHealth is located. In addition, site users have the right to consult their personal data and verify that they are accurate.

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