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Realistic Ways To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions for a New Year, Where are We?

Already it is mid-January.  A new year, a new you. This year will be different. This year I will really stick to my resolutions! Ummm, what were those resolutions again?

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you are not the only one who feels a bit side tracked. High chances I am also writing this to help me get back on the horse. My new year’s resolutions were to start on some long overdue professional projects.  And here it is mid January and the projects haven’t even seen a bit of blue ink.  Things have been crazy chez nous (our house), mostly because of illnesses, both with my kids and me. When you feel tired and sick it can be so frustrating to see the days fly by and you are just trying to “survive”, never mind stick to those resolutions you made two weeks ago.

Everyone knows how easy it is to make these new year’s resolutions, what is really difficult is to make and stick to one or two significant changes in our life, even if we know we should. “This year I am going to… (fill in the blanks).” Maybe on January 1st, we should say “This year I am going to really try to…!”

Don’t give up. Get back on the horse. Reevaluate your resolutions, but don’t feel negative, guilty or feel that you have already moved back into last’s year’s life. If you made resolutions that means you want change. That is the easy part. The hard part is sticking to it and getting back on track when you are driving in the wrong direction. Do you agree?  Have you given up on your resolutions?



  • D Determine which resolutions are the most attainable and realistic.
  • O Order these by preference from the easiest to the most difficult to meet.
  • N Now focus on the easiest to meet and only work on this resolution for the next two weeks.
  • T Target three ways to meet this goal, write these three ways down and use these ways in your bi-weekly planning.


  • G Give yourself a break.  If there is a day that things go astray, sleep on it and use the next day to get going again.
  • I Innovate these three ways so they are fun, realistic and achievable.
  • V Vent to your partner and friends when you feel frustrated.  Use a resolution buddy to help support each other.
  • E Empathy for yourself goes a long way towards getting back on the right path. Negative feelings and guilt lead to permanently giving up. Tell yourself everyday that you can do this.


  • U Understand your limits and do not try to continually pass them. Make your goals and ways to meet them clearly and within your limits of time, sleep, money and commitments.
  • P Plan a rendezvous meeting with yourself after the two weeks to see your progress. If you have met your goals, either add another resolution for the next two weeks or reevaluate your current one and continue on your easiest one.


Here is an example of a client who I will call “Carine” and how she planned her ways to keep her resolution:

  •  Carine thought about on her resolutions and made a list of them from the easiest to hardest to meet.
  •  For Carine her easiest goal is to eat 5 fruits and vegetables daily.
  • She wrote down 3 fun and realistic ways to meet this goal:  1.  Bring fruit to work to eat for snacks. 2.  Plan a weekly food menu to fit in dinners with more vegetables. 3.  Make a fruit smoothie for breakfast
  • After two weeks, Carine realized that she was doing well with two of her ways, but found there was not enough time to make fruit smoothies for breakfast. She decided to buy a couple of fruit smoothies to have on hand in the refrigerator as a back up and make the fruit smoothies at night and remix them in the morning.
  • After a month, Carine feels satisfied to have put one of her resolutions to eat 5 a day fruits and vegetables into action. On most days Carine gets more than 5 day which compensates for the occasional days where she misses her goal.  She is now ready to add another resolution to her lifestyle.

And for you, dear readers, after the year is over and you have achieved some of what you wanted to during the year,  you can raise the glass of champagne directly to you!  Making the same resolutions year after year without permanent change isn’t helping to get what you want out of your life.  If your goals include weight loss, better fitness and more wellness, ANY changes, even small ones go far on the good health scale.  Good luck and here’s a glass of champagne for your anticipated success!

A Toast To You!


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4 Responses to Realistic Ways To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Wade | Wellness February 2, 2012 at 13:24 #

    Yes it is amazing how many people start the year off guns blazing in terms of news years resolutions. Health and weight loss are lifelong commitments. There should never be new years resolutions. One should maintain good health throughout the year.

  2. Neil | Butterfield January 26, 2012 at 12:40 #

    Lovely post and I could not agree with you more. The thing is to be consistent and start each day anew. Thanks for a very good post to keep us on track for 2012.

    • mbrighton January 26, 2012 at 13:56 #

      Hi Neil, Thanks for your support :)!


  1. Suzanne Saxe-R, Ed.D - January 19, 2012

    RT @mbrighton66 Realistic Ways To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolutions: Easy to make new year's resolutions,…

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