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Squeeze a Lemon While You Sweat During Your Next Heatwave

A fast and easy drink for those hot summer days

It was hot this past weekend.  Summer in New Jersey, typical July weather.  A heat wave with heat index into the triple digits.  Combine high temperatures with high humidity and you have a recipe for needing to find ways to get cool.  We all know the typical ways:  air-conditioning, find a pool or other big body of water, dress appropriately and do not exercise during high heat times.  Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.  And don’t forget to squeeze a lemon.  LEMON.  A freshly cut lemon with the lemon juice squeezed into a cold glass of water. The fake lemons don’t work, this has to be the real thing.  Health benefits abound. Taste benefits too.  In fact, don’t wait for the next heat wave to hit.  This is a great daily habit:  drinking lemon water.

Health benefits from lemons

Drinking lemon juice in water is one of best ways for your body to feel that cleansed feeling. During this last heat wave drinking water was essential to replace water loss. Was it an illusion that sweat and lemon water were making me feel good?  No.


  • Digestive Aide
  • Liver Stimulant
  • Adds Vitamin C to the diet
  • Anti-bacterial aide

Drinking lemon juice is an affordable and preventive way to treat your body with respect.  Not only are the health benefits wide and varied, a squeeze of lemon makes your half-way boring glass of water taste good.  Your kids will love the taste too. Some of you readers probably do the lemon and water thing already.  Shout out your comments!  Do your kids like drinking it?  My kids always expect the lemon peels to fall down the water pitcher and into their glasses.  They love lemon water and the look of the lemon peel floating in their glass.  It is true.  Yellow is a beautiful color.

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4 Responses to Squeeze a Lemon While You Sweat During Your Next Heatwave

  1. Meyer September 14, 2011 at 18:16 #

    You give us all the perfect remedy for all these heat waves and record high temperatures. Fresh lemonade.

    I have started drinking lemon water and fresh lemonade on a daily basis thanks to your prompting. Just reading your description not only makes me crave lemonade but it strikes up nostalgic memories of many summers ago when my grandmother got all of us kids together to roll and pound the lemons to make the lemons juicier just before she made fresh lemonade.

    My kids love lemonade. What they don’t like is the lemon seeds the sneak in so I use lemon wraps because it makes it so easy to remove the lemon seeds when they’re preparing dishes. I just buy them online.

    Yes, yellow is a beautiful! As Betty Wrenn Day likes to say, “The lemon is the quintessential fruit that makes food sparkle. It has become synonymous with the word refreshing.”

    Beth Meyer

    • mbrighton September 15, 2011 at 00:30 #

      Dear Ms. Meyer! What a beautiful comment! Can I tell you that? You made my day! Actually read it, just after needing a good glass of water…had returned from a good workout. It is hot here in France. Grabbed a big glass of lemon water-and thought of your happy words on YELLOW. Really, thanks so much for sharing. Loved your look bad on “the olden days”. Those days bring back memories also. Usually equated with basic beauty such as food, atmosphere. Will look into the lemon wraps. What a great idea! Didn’t know they existed. Please keep coming back and leaving any feedback you like. Bon Soir! (Good evening), Mary


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  2. Suzanne Saxe-R, Ed.D - July 25, 2011

    RT @mbrighton66 Squeeze a Lemon While You Sweat During Your Next Heatwave: Fresh squeezed lemon in water is an a…

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