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Teenage Nutrition Series: How to Win This Health Battle For Your Teen

Good Teenage Nutrition Can Push Your Adolescent to High Places


Raising a teenager is not always easy. I know, I have one.

As a health professional and dietitian I thought I knew it all:

  1. Eat well during pregnancy
  2. Breastfeed
  3. Introduce my baby to a variety of healthy foods at the right times
  4. and blah, blah, blah….

Good Child Nutrition…

and then my daughter turned into a preteen and a teenager. And I realized that although she had good eating habits and liked healthy foods, feeding my teenager was not the same as feeding her as a younger child.

If you have a teen, you know what I mean. If you haven’t gotten there yet, this is what happened to mine:

  • My preteen, who normally ate small portions, was suddenly ravenous and couldn’t stop eating. She stopped looking skinny.
  • She started getting upset about eating meat at meals because it came from animals.
  • She wasn’t hungry in the morning to eat breakfast. In fact, she was always late and had no time to eat breakfast.
  • She was acting weird around food smells, some odors would make her run out of the kitchen.

Concerned Parents too…

And I asked myself what am I doing wrong? And how can I feed her better? What about the influences of her peers, the media and our environment on her health?

  • Some of her friends drank high-energy drinks.
  • Can I better control the environmental toxins she is exposed to in food and water?
  • Can I, as a mom, be a better role model to help my daughter’s body image?

For these reasons, I wrote a series of articles on teenage nutrition. Please take a look at the articles and let me know if there are questions you have or teen nutrition subjects that I didn’t cover. Feel free to share and comment (both are appreciated).

If you feel frustrated about feeding your adolescent, don’t worry, you are not alone. Keep positive, keep strong and keep at it. Good teenage nutrition is a critical area for your teen’s health.

Here are the articles in the series on teenage nutrition

Warmly, Mary

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