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Ten Ways to Start Health Reform with Yourself

Creative Commons License photo credit: bibendum84

With the US healthcare system facing unknown waters, it is time to learn how to swim

10 ways to start personal health reform:

  1. Think prevention not reaction.  Prevention may end up saving your life, reaction is what happens when your life is at risk.
  2. Keep a file with your medical records at home, including recent blood work, latest physical results, doctor’s final consultation write-ups, vaccination, vision and dental records, allergies, medicines.
  3. Research your family’s medical history, in particular your parents, siblings, close blood relatives, grandparents. Keep this list in your personal medical records.
  4. Be a partner with medical professionals by helping them to help you. You can do this by bringing your medical file with you to each medical professional and knowing your own and your family’s medical history.
  5. Ask questions, understand the answers to medical professionals and ask for a second opinion if necessary. (Many second opinions are covered by health insurance companies)
  6. Know what preventive programs are available with your health insurance company and use them.
  7. If you are not covered by a health insurance plan, research what free or low cost medical programs/visits are available where you live.
  8. Start with small changes and small goals and work higher.
  9. Involve your entourage to help you and help their health reform!
  10. Target working on mental stress.  Mental and physical stress are often linked together.

Health reform has to start at a personal level

Whatever waters the US health system heads towards, don’t rely on a boat. We all need to learn how to swim and practice personal health reform. Do you agree? What other ways do you practice preventive health and personal wellness and good health issues? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Mary-Jo Overwater - June 28, 2012

    Big decision tomorrow morning from the US Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act and US healthcare policy….

  2. Mary Brighton - June 28, 2012

    Big decision tomorrow morning from the US Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act and US healthcare policy….

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