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The 10 Health Blogs BrightonYourHealth Loves To Read

These 10 Health Blogs Are A Source of Inspiration and Information

Much of what you read on BrightonYourHealth comes from my professional, personal and cultural experiences. The fun aspect of working and writing in the health field is that it is never boring. Things change, new information and health news happens by the minute. One way that I keep on top of news is by reading health blogs. Here is my list of health blogs I like. They are not in any order of preference.

The Healthy Fellow  He is known as the natural health critic with the initials of JP. On his blog’s bio he calls himself “a natural health consultant, researcher and writer. I’ve been involved in the natural health community and in the film business for over 20 years.” His articles have a list of scientific references and studies to the health information he presents.

Well, New York Times Health Blog  Author Tara Parker-Pope delivers well-written interesting health articles based on medical and societal trends. Plus the New York Times health blog is easy to read and a pleasure to the eye.

Dietitians Online & Wellness News Weighing Success Sandra Frank, Ed.D, RD, LDN, is a social media goddess! She zips nutrition and health news direct to my facebook and twitter page. I can click on the articles that seem interesting and share those I find important to readers on my twitter and facebook pages. You can subscribe to her newsletter on the Wellness News site.

Andrew Weil, M.D. This doctor is different. And that is why I like him. He uses a global and natural wellness approach to food, life, medicine, health and our environment. He is a credible doctor and his health articles are always high on my list to read.

Health Shots, NPR Health Blog This blog is an extension of National Public Radio’s health program. I listen to the podcasts every week. If you go to the bottom of the blog you can subscribe to the podcasts through the RSS feed. The blog provides high quality health information. The podcasts are easy to listen to and run about 25 minutes each. You can trust what you hear and read on this health blog.

Wall Street Journal Health Blog A good resource for latest health news and information. It could use a bit of polishing. I like to jump in on the blog, check out the news and jump out again.

Mark’s Daily Apple  Mark is a 57-year-old guy that looks fantastic and writes about health, fitness and nutrition. I agree with his health philosophy, most of which coincides with my back to the basics simple nutrition and health habits. One comment: I do not know much about his primal diet he advocates nor have I tried it. Reading comments on his site, it seems that this diet works for many.

zen habits  Just discovered this gem. Not only is zen one of my favorite words, it’s a key ingredient to stay healthy. Zen=lower stress. The author, Leo Babauta, writes useful information primarily on how to stay zen and lower stress. The esthetic look of his site is so different. Just plain, just calm. At first I didn’t like it, but it grows on you. Click on the link to check out his site, you will be happily zen you did.

Huffington Post Health Most people know Huffington Post. It has a great health section written by diverse and international health bloggers. Tons of information, lots of debate. Beware, some of what you read in the blog articles are the sole opinion of the health bloggers and are not based on scientific data. As long as you keep an objective eye this health blog is fun to visit to read the articles and comments. This is a French website that delivers nutrition news. The site is based in France, the information is in French, and the health news is mostly from French and European views. Exactly why I read it! That is where I live.

Do you have a favorite health blog? Drop a comment and let us know which one it is.

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  1. Natural Health November 2, 2017 at 16:12 #

    This is a good list which I can use for inspiration for my new blog. thanks for sharing this great list!

  2. Health Tips April 16, 2012 at 11:03 #

    This ten Health Tipsblog are very useful for the people, here more new information are given for the Health, from which people can get more ideas.


  1. J P Fanton - April 9, 2012

    A thank you #ShoutOut to Mary Brighton (@BrightonHealth) for including my site on her list of Top 10 Health Blogs:

  2. Dr Sandra Frank - April 9, 2012

    Brightonyourhealth consults these ten health blogs on a regular basis for news and health inspiration. Can you…

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