The French Way to Eat For Pleasure and Good Health, Part 1

It is January already, cannot believe how fast the past year went! Don’t you agree? Feeling like you just finished making your 2010 resolutions and now it is time to make them again for 2011?  I will tell you a secret, .I don’t do resolutions because I don’t keep them. In fact most of us don’t keep those New Year’s resolutions.  Why disappoint ourselves and feel bad?  Life is challenging as it is, no point in putting more guilt into the mental health balance.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t make resolutions, in fact I bet that one of many people’s top goals each January 1st is to eat healthier and exercise more.  This resolution is a good one.  Have you made this your goal for 2011?  Keep it AND keep reading because I will share with you ways to keep this objective going throughout the whole year.  You can eat healthy the French way and do this on a daily basis because the motivation in France is on taste for pleasure and good health. Very little deprivation or guilt around food, no feeling mood swings after eating, just enjoying most days tasting yummy food and balancing this with relaxing or energizing physical activity.  In fact, eating “boring” low-fat foods and trying to over focus on food restriction may not be healthy nor satisfying in the end. Do you want to lose weight?  Or just maintain your weight and feel good?  Do you want to eat for pleasure and not feel like you are always hungry and counting calories?  Or do you just want to feel and be healthier?  Over the next weeks I will try to explain to you some ways to feel great with eating for pleasure.

For almost nine years we have called Pau in South West France home.  When I first came to France I had my American dietetic attitudes on what was considered healthy eating.  After years of hands-on experience here my views have changed to adapt to a more European lifestyle.  I think it is finally time, one year after starting this blog to let you in on some personal secrets on living to eat or eating to live! :).  I have my personal eating and lifestyle plan that keeps me lean and lipids low (low blood fat levels).  The holidays are finished, but I will admit that me too, I’m feeling a bit sluggish and heavy in the legs after the holidays.  Too much champagne (ha ha champagne is almost like water here, well almost) and too many delightful delicacies that were enjoyed over the party period such as smoked salmon, foie gras and raw oysters.  Am I increasing your appetite for pleasurable eating? OK, time to get back to normal eating, but what IS this?  Looks like you will need to tune back into Part 2, Part 3…to find out!  Until then…

LIVE LIFE everyday like it is your last!  Start today with allowing yourself to enjoy food without feeling guilty, to have more energy, to feel better, be healthier and not deprive yourself of good taste.  If not now, then when?  Come back to read here soon, or better yet subscribe to this blog’s feed via RSS or networked blogs (linked with Facebook) so you know exactly when the next article is published.  You can also read Part 2, Frenchy Ways to Eat for Pleasure and Good Health, by clinking on this link.  Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment, suggestion or questions.

Bon Appetit

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20 Responses to “The French Way to Eat For Pleasure and Good Health, Part 1”

  1. you know I am happy to hear about this series – I will be reading! Hope you recommend some cookbooks!

  2. Greg, FANTASTIC IDEA! I have some to recommend for sure. Will “steal” your idea and let you know some of my favs…! Grazie mille :)

  3. What is making many fat is the hectic quality of life that we are living.

    As we are always in a hurry we grab anything that is fast without paying attention to the nutritious values.

    If you think about it for a couple of minutes preparing a healthy meal or snack does not take more time. It just needs dedication and awareness.
    Derek Solomon recently it healthy that muslim wash 5 times per day before every prayer

  4. At last! Someone who agrees that we should enjoy our food! Nice to meet you and I will be sure to come back soon :-)


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