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Weight Loss Goals: A Secret Letter To A Woman Who Did It (Part 2)

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy ‘never give up’ kind of year. 

Weight loss goals

Weight Loss Goals: Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is even harder.

I cannot believe that three years have past since I wrote the secret letter to my ‘workout buddy’ at the gym (you can read the letter below or see the original post here).
The letter isn’t really a secret now since I shared it on the blog, but I had to do a shout out about her because her determination should be a shout out to anyone who has weight loss goals or wants to get fit this year. She is the perfect example of someone who: doesn’t give up, keeps working out to stay strong and fit, and looks like a model for good health. Like a “Yes You Can” kind of woman!
To her: I admired you three years ago, and I admire you still. You and I have been working out together at the gym for four years now and I wanted to give another public shout out.

Here is a follow up to the original secret letter.

Secret Letter to the Woman Who Did It: Part 2

Dear Ms. Strong and Brave,
I am happy that we say hello to each other now. I am happy that we can look at each other in the eye and laugh when the gym instructor pushes us to our limits; we understand that camaraderie between us.
I like that you feel so much more ‘at home’ at the gym. You talk to everyone, in fact, it is me that feels more like an outsider because I am not French. I like your new workout gear, it shows off more of your body, which is stronger and leaner than a few years ago. You are muscular and fit! You probably never miss going to your workouts, do you?
And I admire you, because you never gave up.
You seem so happy and relaxed at the gym now, I am elated for you.

Let’s grab a tea together and chat one day. What do you think?
Mary (your workout buddy)

Original letter from January 11, 2013

Dear Ms. Strong and Brave,

I am looking at you. Just from the corner of my eye. I am trying to be discreet, can you tell?
I have watched you for the last year. I see how you sweat. It isn’t from being nervous. I sweat too, but maybe you don’t watch the others around you. We are all sweating here, but you always seem preoccupied and quiet. I think you try to blend in with the crowd and not cause distraction. I understand this. Really I do.
I wish I could tell you that you don’t need to feel ashamed. Do I assume wrongly? Tell me if I do. You always wear the same baggy black clothes that cover your whole body. You have a beautiful body, don’t you realize this? You don’t need to cover it.
There are things I want to tell you. We meet each week, the same time, the same place. We stand next to each other, funny how our little habits are hard to break. And each week I walk in and think, “Yes, this time I am going to look at you in the eye and talk to you.” But I don’t. I lose my courage. How stupid to think this. I bet we could be good friends. I don’t want you to think I am staring at you because you are different than the rest of the workout crew in the room, I am staring because I admire you.
I have watched you. It has been a year since you started here. You started with a crowd that isn’t easy to blend with. Yes, you have the biggest body here but who cares? I don’t see big, I see strong and brave. You walked in here to start your program and you haven’t left.
Was it your New Year’s resolution to get in shape and lose weight? To feel better? To get healthier? You are succeeding. I can see it. We did a year already of working out together at the gym, me and you.
This year I want to look at you in the eyes and give you that look that says, “Hey, we are doing it, you are doing it! Bravo!” That look of camaraderie. Maybe you will look back and smile. And understand.
You are doing it. Keep going. I am so proud of you. You should be so proud of you too.
(your work out buddy and potential future friend)

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Warmly, Mary

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  1. Regan Jones, RD January 6, 2016 at 14:57 #

    Excellent motivation and an even better example of how strong women can help lift each other up to become allies rather than competitors.

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