What Is On Your Family’s Breakfast Plate?

Breakfast For Different Ages:

1.  Your Baby’s Breakfast

what is on your family's breakfast plate

2.  Your Toddler’s Breakfast

what is on your family's breakfast plate

3.  Your Child’s Breakfast

what is on your family's breakfast plate

4.  Your Teenager’s Breakfast

what is on your family's breakfast plate

More than half male teenagers and two-thirds of female teenagers do not regularly eat breakfast.

5. Your Breakfast

what is on your family's breakfast plate

Your Breakfast? Baby Radish Tartine With Honey

Is Your Teenager Leaving For School With Their Breakfast Dish Empty?

BrightonYourHealth is starting a series of articles focusing on teenagers and health related issues. Breakfast, body weight, teenage nutrition, hormones and eating, teenage mental health, eating disorders, snacking, sleep issues, vegetarianism; topics on teenage nutrition and health are some of the topics that will be covered. Together we will explore the unique nutrition needs and habits of teenagers, both European teens, where we live, and teenagers from other parts of the world. This series will be educational and provide health tips oriented towards realistic ways towards teenage good health.  I cannot claim to be an expert on teenagers, but I do have an almost teen at home. Doing the research on this important topic is close to my heart. Can you covet the prize of knowing everything about teens? Add your opinion, suggestions, questions and comments on any point along the way.

Here are some new articles written about teenage nutrition; When A Gain In Your Teenager’s Weight May Not Be A Concern, Teenagers and Energy Drinks, Teens and Endocrine Disruptors, Teens and Eating Disorders, Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Teens, Teens and Caffeine, Importance of Good Nutrition in Teens, Vitamin and Mineral Supplements in Teens,Vegetarianism in Teens. and Hormone Changes in Teens Affect Their Smell.

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15 Responses to “What Is On Your Family’s Breakfast Plate?”

  1. I can remember drinking coffee every morning with two ricecakes and peanut butter. Felt good. I have learner to eat breakfast even if i am not hungry. It makes me less tired in the long run.

    • Hi Christina, Thanks very much for your comment. Were you a teenager when you ate the ricecakes and peanut butter? Any tips on motivating a teenager who is not hungry to eat breakfast? I am finding teenagers (as in my oldest) and interesting breed (hahaha) to work with. (I say this lovingly). It is more of a struggle to work with the older child who is almost a young adult, accepting their ideas on what they think is important (“i am not hungry, i do not want to eat” as an example). Trying to find those hidden ways to keep them healthy and balanced. There is also the psychological aspects of parenting teenagers, you need to approach things with delicate words sometimes. The series on teenage nutrition here on the site is to also help me! SO glad for reader’s input and keep your feedback coming.

  2. Mine both eat (and have always eaten) breakfast, but how nutritious it is could be in doubt !! Luke (17) usually has 2 or 3 milk rolls with butter and nutella plus a glass of fruit juice. Except when he has to prepare it himself (!!) in which case he’ll have cereal – (and sadly, yes, the crappy full of sugar and salt type) or maybe toast. Rebecca (15) usually has cereal and fruit juice, sometimes milk rolls. From time to time a yoghurt or an actimel.
    Breakfast has never been an issue, I was always shocked to hear other mothers saying their kids didn’t eat breakfast – my reaction was how could you let them out of the house !!! But never having had to deal with the problem, I guess that’s easy to say.

    • Claire, your kids are great models for teenagers out there. The statistics on the article pointing to more than 50% of teenagers who do not eat breakfast regularly are from the “American Dietetic Association.” Actually, with teenage girls the numbers are at two-thirds for non-breakfast eaters. I wonder if this is typical of the American culture and if in France or other European countries, teenagers really do eat breakfast? Part of the series on teenage nutrition is going to look at what happens in European countries and why. What I have read is that only 10% of French CHILDREN (all aged children) miss breakfast. Will find out what percent of teens in France miss breakfast and publish that in an upcoming article. Thanks very much for your comment!


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