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Why Our French Easter Bunny Only Delivers Brown Candy

A visit from the Easter Bunny

With So Much Easter Candy Variety, Why Our Easter Rabbit Sticks To Brown Chocolate

It is probably illegal (or magic) but our Easter bunny travels over the Atlantic ocean to deliver the Easter candy. The Easter bunny doesn’t exist in France.  It is the bells that deliver the candy on Easter morning. The bells that ring in the churches on Easter. How bells can deliver candy is a bit pushing it, but that is the culture. Easter is above all a big religious holiday, so ringing the bells in the churches connected to candy is sweetly appropriate. But my kids, although they are raised American and French just know the Easter bunny. And our Easter bunny knows the right candy to bring in his basket. A bit boring but it works: clean, simple and brown Easter candy. Yes, you guessed it: chocolate! Why only chocolate?

Some kids just can’t handle all these colors


These candies are beautiful: different colored jellybeans to yellow and pink marshmallow peeps
My Peeps!

But they just don’t sit well in some kids.

They can make some kids hyper. Irritable. And then there is the sugar:

After years of dealing with some of my kids flying to the moon on Easter, I’ve had a heart to heart with our bunny

One of my kids is very sensitive to E-colors. She is sensitive to other additives in foods too. We have spent Easter holidays with my daughter getting sick (when she was three years old), getting too excited and her behavior turning from pretty good to really bad. Now that she is bigger I have figured it out. A holiday is for the parents too. Our Easter bunny is not allowed to bring any colors in his basket. Just brown. Chocolate.

Clean and Simple chocolate does have health benefits

Kids can go overboard eating candy during Easter. My five-year old doesn’t have the control to say “stop” on her candy consumption. She goes overboard. Overboard on chocolate seems healthier than overboard on colors mixed with sugar (and it is). The healthiest option is dark chocolate, but I find that my kids don’t like the strong taste of dark chocolate and prefer milk chocolate. And the simple chocolate; clean and not too crazy with added cream, caramel and fillings are what my kids get.

Dubble Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt Kit Blue In Clematis

Can’t miss the Easter egg hunt

The kids also take part in Easter egg hunts. These are super fun and our children probably enjoying finding the eggs more than eating them. The eggs they find can fill up a small garbage bag. And all week they eat the candy. It gets too much for me. Candy overload. This is why this Easter, like Easter last year and the year before, our American Easter bunny makes a special trip over the Atlantic ocean to deliver one of these (even if these chocolate bunnies are Swiss, our Easter bunny is very creative!) :
lindt bunny.

And they love it!

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthier Easter. What is in your kid’s Easter baskets? Have you banned any type of candy your kids for health reasons?



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