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Why The New French President Mr. Hollande Needs A Dietitian

If you have been closely following the French presidential campaign you may have seen something happen that didn’t have anything to do with politics. The newly elected French president, Mr. François Hollande has literally shrank in size. Physically. He lost weight and now looks leaner, less bloated, more ‘presidential.’  Mr. Hollande says his weight loss was due to riding his bike more, eating less french fries and chocolate mousse at lunch. Whatever way he did it, the result is a newer, leaner, potentially healthier body.

Now that you are in office, Mr. Hollande, you are going to need a French dietitian

With the stress of your new role as the French president, with the official dinners you will host and attend, with eating on the run between meetings and other important commitments: it is going to be hard to maintain your weight loss. You may disagree, but I know the weight challenges you are going to face:

  • stress
  • access to an abundance of delicious foods
  • eating on the run
  • limited time to exercise
  • past personal history of being gourmand and overweight

You need a dietitian to keep your dietary health on track.

Not only for yourself, but for the French people. They elected you in office, you need to stay healthy during your next five years of service. Unfortunately you will be fighting an uphill dietary and weight battle. I hope you win.

Quel dommage (what a shame) that you cannot use my services. I have waited almost two years to have my foreign dietetic diploma recognized in France so I can legally practice as une diététicienne française. Two long years without a final answer, despite my French nationality and degree already recognized in one of the EU countries, the United Kingdom.

We could have a deal. I will consult with you for free if you can push my dossier through the French administration that you now govern.

Bon courage for your mandate and challenges.

François Hollande

A heavier François Hollande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Français : Déplacement à Asnières sur Seine

A Lighter Mr. Holland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2 Responses to Why The New French President Mr. Hollande Needs A Dietitian

  1. Kathi Frampton May 12, 2012 at 19:48 #

    Good luck! I hope he takes you up on your offer. See you next month.

    • mbrighton May 13, 2012 at 23:33 #

      HI Kathi! Thanks for your comment.Yes, see you next month. No, I don’t think he will call upon my services, but you never know :)! Take care and continued success with your health goals.

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