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Why Your Healthy Vinaigrette Recipe Should Be High In Fat

The History of a French Healthy Vinaigrette Recipe

I can imagine what you are thinking.

How can a vinaigrette be healthy if it is filled with fat?

The typical recipe for vinaigrette is 3 to 1:  three portions of oil to one portion of vinegar.

And if you try to change the proportions on this “Classic French Mother sauce” you are just not tasting real dressing.

The normal vinaigrette most French people make uses olive oil in the 3 parts for the oil.

Do you use this oil and proportion?

Keep at it.  Don’t cut back. Don’t feel “I am using too much fat” guilty.  Make your vinaigrette just like the French have been doing for centuries.

At Our Busy House, Here is How We Make the 3 and 1 Vinaigrette in Less Than 3 Minutes

Some tricks: Use a tablespoon on top of the salad to measure the oil and vinegar and catch the drips.  Involve your kids in perfecting their vinaigrette dressing recipe, it will help them feel involved and eat their salad too.  

1. Have the bowl of salad ready to be dressed  2. Pick out between 1-3 different oils to use in vinaigrette. 3. Pick out 1 vinegar. 4. Measure out 3 Tablespoons of oil directly on the salad.  (Mixing types of oils if you want-more on this later). 5. Sprinkle a small amount of sea salt or salt onto the salad. 6. Measure out one Tablespoon of vinegar onto the salad.  7. Mix salad and serve immediately.

Why is the Three to One Rule so Important?

Taste, Mouth Feel, Taste, Appearance, Taste

Plus as the big bonus it is better for your health to enjoy Three to One than Two to One or One to One. Substituting vegetable fats in place of animal fats is a key step towards eating for pleasure and good health.  Sit down and have a big salad with real vinaigrette. Let me know how you feel after. Is your hunger cut a bit?  We start our main meals,( most of the time), with a green salad as the first course.  This balances out the proportions of how much we eat for our main meals which often contain some type of animal fats such as meat, cheese and butter.

How many of you make your own vinaigrette?  Do you store it in a bottle, give a quick shake and serve it on the salad?  Chez nous (our house), we like to change the type of oils and vinegars in our vinaigrette recipe. This is very important to do.  And if you don’t do it, highly recommend you add this healthy habit. Unsure of how to change your 3 and 1 recipe or why? More on this here.  A secret that not even all the French know:  Keep the 3 and 1, but change the type of 3 and 1.  Keep reading & until next time, chers readers, Bon Appetit.

Please also add your thoughts to the comment section or shout out if you any funky vinaigrette ideas! Will share and explore new recipes with you.

In advance, here is a preview of a wonderful vinegar to use in your vinaigrette.  It is organic and has the “mother” of vinegar inside.  Using this in your salad dressings will guarantee a punch to your palate and health.  Click on the image for more information.

We use this vinegar at home for medicinal purposes too. Here is an article on other ways you can use apple cider vinegar at your house too. 




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